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Fusion Experiment

Here we go again with another post about recycled plastic. Seriously guys, if you starting getting sick of reading about all the cool things you can turn those shopping bags into let me know.

You have seen my first tries of working with the medium and what I’ve created with some of my own creative juices. What else could I possibly get myself into? What about something other than rugs?

What would happen if you could turn those lightweight plastic bags into a piece of wall art? I think I managed to do that. Take a look at this!

Fused plastic wall art

That my friends, is made of fused plastic bags with Walmart plarn for the letters. The idea for this project came as an assignment in my Digital Humanities class. We were asked to write something without using paper and ink.

I saw people who used coffee beans to spell out the “Our Father” prayer, pipe cleaners to say “hello” in 16 different languages. One person used a pizza box and newspaper clippings. But I fared to be different.

Fused plastic is a newer form of recycling. I only recently came across it and had been dying to try it out for myself. Threadbanger on Youtube had a video about making a computer bag out of fused plastic and I ran with the idea from there.

All I did was fuse 2 black garbage bags together with an iron on medium heat. The hard thing was getting the air bubbles out. Once it was fused I picked the words to stitch onto it.

During this time I had been listening to “Fly on the Wall” by Thousand Foot Crutch. Well, I really had been listening to the Nightcore version but the words are the same. Any who. I took part of the first verse as my words.

The other night I had a dream. There was a world full of Kings and Queens. But it was cold.

Originally I tried to use an embroidery needle to drive the plarn through the fused plastic. That didn’t work. Instead I needed to prime the fused plastic with a thumb tack. I poked the holes I needed to make the letters and then stitched them in.

The longest part of this project was the lettering. I thought I could crank it out in an hour or three before class. That didn’t happen. Thankfully, class had been cancelled for some odd reason and I got another week to complete it.

Now it’s your turn. What can you come up with?

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