Changes Ahead

Some of you might have noticed that I dropped the ball twice this week. I really hope that this doesn’t become a “thing.”

Things are starting to get crazy again; midterms are in two weeks, I haven’t worked on my Capstone as much as I should be, and I just got hired for a new job!

Yep, you heard that right. I got a new job, an adult job. Not to say that my time working up to this point hasn’t been real work, but this could be the career that I keep for a long time after graduation. Girly has to pay back her school loans somehow.

With this being said, I hope to still be able to post as much as I have these past two months.

Hang in there with me!

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Helpful Plant: Dove’s-foot

Before there were pharmacies and pills there were plants. Everything that grows can hurt or heal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate and should not be used in replacement of actual medical advice.

About Dove’s-foot Geranium molle

This plant can be found pastures, along paths as well as people’s gardens. It has small pink or red flowers with pale leaves on a long red-haired stalk.  It is part of the Plantae kingdom, Geraniales order,Geraniaceae Family, Geranium genus.

This plant was originally from Mediterranean and Sub-Mediterranean climates. It was introduced to North America and today is considered a noxious weed.

Medical Uses

Dove’s-foot can be used to  internal injuries such joint pains, gout and can help with kidney stones. External uses include cleaning and healing cuts, ulcers and fistulas.

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Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s rain was my thing in middle school. I can remember reading the manga, watching the anime when I could and reviewing the episodes with friends at school. I totally just dated myself seeing how this anime originally aired in 2003.

This anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the human race has been forced to live in domed cities and wolves have been extinct for 200 years. There is a prophecy in this anime that when the world comes to an end paradise will appear on the earth, but only wolves would be able to find it.

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Everything starts when a white wolf comes to a city that smells of Lunar flowers. His name is Kiba.  He causes a bit of a stir in the city when he is wounded and captured by local police. After breaking out with another wolf they run into the fabled Flower Maiden and their journey begins.

Kiba is a guy of very few words, so you know that when he says something he means it. When they group meets back up with the Flower Maiden she is the only thing Kiba sees. You could say he’s head over paws.

Joining Kiba on his quest for Paradise is are four other wolves. The first to join is a brown wolf called Hige. Hige runs into Kiba in the police department where Kiba was injured in a cage. With his help both boys bust out. He is known best for the collar he wears, but Hige is a wolf who loves food, girls and complaining on occasion.

When Kiba first wanders into town he crosses paths with Tsume. A tough grey wolf who was leading a gang of humans that preyed on the Nobel’s supply lines to survive. When his gang turns on him he leaves the city with the rest using the excuse that the town had gotten boring.

If Kiba is the Alpha of this rag-tag pack then Tsume would be the second in command. There are more than a couple of occasions where Tsume steps up to lead when Kiba has gone missing.

The runt of this pack is called Toboe. I swear for the longest time I insisted he was a girl. His hair is more styled,he wears a dark pink shirt and has bangles. I take it back Toboe.

You find out quickly that Toboe is the reason you shouldn’t keep a wolf as a pet. When he was a pup an old woman found him at the gate of the city. She brought him home and they lived together until she passed away. The journey to Paradise is a chance for Toboe to grow up and become a fine wolf.

The final wolf joining the pack is a she-wolf called Blue.  For the first part of the anime she is working with a human to track down the wolves. However after meeting the Flower Maiden she get separated from her partner and ends up switching sides.


Now this anime isn’t just about the wolves, there are a few more important characters to introduce. The most important I would say is the Flower Maiden, Cheza. Without her there wouldn’t be a story.

Cheza is the product of an ancient alchemy to create a maiden out of lunar flowers. Together with the wolves the Flower Maiden will open paradise for the dying world. When the wolves catch up with the kidnapped maiden the real journey begins. She smells of the Lunar flowers she’s made of, survives on sunlight and water and when she sings all the wolves feel at peace.

There are some humans in this anime too, and it wouldn’t be the same without them.

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The first one you meet is Blue’s partner Quent Yaiden. Before taking up the hunt for wolves he was the sheriff of a town called Kyrios. When the town burned, leaving him and Blue as the sole survivors, he saw this family being eaten by wolves in the flames. This determined old man is out for revenge.

Quent and Blue arrive in the domes city the same time that Kiba does. And it’s because of Quent that Kiba was injured. If there is nothing he loves more than hunting for wolves and Blue, it’s his love of Vodka.

Cher is a strong-willed scientist that was observing Cheza before she was kidnapped. She leaves the city to track down and retrieve the Flower Maiden.

Now you can’t have a strong-willed woman without a guy chasing after her. In Wolf’s Rain that man is Hubb. Once upon a time Cher and Hubb had been married but it hadn’t worked out; that didn’t stop him from loving her. So when a large white dog shows up at his police department and an old man toting a shot-gun start spouting off things about wolves, his world changes drastically.

The journey to Paradise would be too easy if there wasn’t a group of humans who want to take it for themselves. These people are called Nobles.

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Lord Darcia plays the largest role for a noble. It was Darcia’s family that created Cheza three generations ago. He is the one the kidnaps Cheza and fights the wolves for the final right to Paradise in the end.

Lady Jagura  is a minor snag in the road compared to Darcia. She is the twin sister to Darcia’s deceased love, Hamona. Jagura wants Paradise so she can finally be together with Darcia. A slightly twisted love story but an understandable motivate.


Both the anime and the manga are enjoyable. I personally love the musical score for this anime. The opening “Stray” by Steve Conte along with “Heaven’s not Enough” are my go to songs.

I might suggest that viewers and readers be able to handle mild language and the sight of blood in battle. I don’t me pink-sparkly-let’s-water-this-down-for-the-viewers or black ink, but thick blood on occasion. Don’t let that deter you though. This story deserves a three episode trial and then you’ll fall in love with it.


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My bad

I’m Sorry!

I have to apologize for not having done a post this morning. There isn’t a good reason as to why the post wasn’t posted on time.

This won’t happen again… at least for another month. To make up for it, you can expect at double post this upcoming Sunday.

See you soon.

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Pisac the Condor City

Saturday 3/14/09 Cuzco

Compared to the other days so far on this trip, this one was a little slower than the rest.

The day started out good. Madison was up around sixish and took a shower while I slept in. After looking back it appears that I had a headache lingering from the night before.

When Madison was done with the shower it was my turn.I forgot to bring a towel on this trip so post shower was a little interesting. I ended up drying off with another washcloth. Thankfully before the trip one of the teachers who had grown up in Latin American clued us in to the fact that washcloths aren’t a thing where we were going.

For breakfast we had eggs and passion fruit juice. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of the drink a color between orange juice and mountain dew. Now back in the states six years later I would love to have the real passion fruit juice.

Once again when it was time to go to the super mercado to meet the group, I kept forgetting things in the room. I must have made three trips back upstairs to get things. Thankfully  when we got to the meeting place we weren’t the last ones.

The first place we went to today was Pisac. This is a city that is laid out in the shape of a condor. Up in the mountain sides there was the city of the dead. On the lower hills were the houses of the nobility, the priests and their Sun temple, the homes of the commoners and farmers were lower on the hills.

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The second place we visited started with a “C”, but unfortunately I didn’t write the name down. This place had been an Inca town before the Spanish came. When they did arrive, instead of destroying everything they built on top of existing structure.

I guess, what better way to lower those you defeated than by turning their buildings into the foundations of your own.

On the opposite mountain of this town there were the store houses. The odd thing about this mountain was that there were the shapes of two faces and a monkey carved into the side.

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As we were leaving it started to rain. Our guide said the storm was coming down from Machu Pich, which was where we were going the next day.

Today the bus rides were longer and there was more climbing. i was ok but some others weren’t. Feo and a heavier set girl were having problems on the way back to the buses. I just makes me all the more thankful that I am healthy and know my way around outdoors. I mean, who wears a dark colored T-shirt in the mountains… Feo.


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This Day in History

Galileo turns 451

Happy birthday to the man considered to be the Father of Modern Science.

Known for his work with pendulums, telescopes and dropping two different weighted metal balls from the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa, Galileo ushered in a new way of science. Instead of just thinking something is true he changed it so you went out and experimented to see if it was true.

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The Pink Drink

What do you think of when you hear, “Pink Drink?”

Do you think of Koolaid or the Pink Kinky with Sprite? I’ll just say no that this is nothing like that.

The real name of this pink drink is: Plexus Slim. Personally I think the name should be changed. This drink is more about getting healthy than just loosing weight.


Plexus Slim: The Pink Drink

I first heard of this from my mom who learned about it from a neighbor. The slim was designed with type two diabetics and pre-diabetics in mind. When it was first developed it was meant to just regulate blood sugar and lipid levels throughout the day.

But after doing a study on actual diabetics the developers found that there were other good side effects. People were losing inches, they reported less brain fog, some reported less cravings for foods. Listen to the co-developer say it best.

It can be a little dry at times and lasts for 11 minutes but I think it was worth watching.

My reaction

When my mom started telling me about this little pink drink that you shook up in a bottle of water once a day, my first thought was, “This is just another load of hewy.”

Mom might not appreciate this, but she has tried a lot of things to get healthy over the years. I thought this was just another fad thing she was trying. Don’t get me wrong, she’s done the eating healthy and trying to get regular exercise. Leslie Sansone’s Walk away the Pounds has been on our movie shelf for years. But nothing seemed to get her to where she was happy and keep her there.

She started trying this pink drink and dad noticed a small change the next morning.  Ask her if she realized that she hadn’t snacked after dinner the night before. A few days of taking the pink drink she was getting better sleep than she has in years and her cravings for chocolate were gone.

She was so excited that she would fill our Facetime conversations with trying to get me to try it over the Christmas break. I was hesitant about it of course. But mom had more energy than she had in years and I was happy to see her happy.

My Trying It

Needless to say I tried this pink drink when I got home for Christmas. “So what do I do with this?”

I was told to simply pour 1 packet of the Slim into a bottle of water, shake it and drink it. She also said that I should wait 30 minutes before eating for eating breakfast that morning.

I did as instructed and surprised at the taste.  The flavor of this drink is cherry pomegranate. I thought it tasted like strawberry bubblegum. (I have now changed my mind about how it tastes.) Up until this point I wasn’t a big water drinker and had a hard time finishing the 20 oz in one sitting.

30 minutes after I polished off the bottle I ate breakfast and went about my day.

It took me a day or so to notice. At college I would get hit with fatigue daily from 1-3 in the afternoon. The days that I drank the pink drink I didn’t have the need to crash on the couch. I also was more chipper, my family even noticed that I was less grouch in the mornings.

* They call me a bear in the mornings.

After Christmas break

My Chirstmas break lasted two weeks. When I went back to school I had an almost full months supply of the Slim. Other than the being chipper, having an easier time rolling out of bed in the morning and no more of the crippling fatigue I hadn’t noticed another changes. That was until I went home again a month later.

There is a pair of pants that I own that always used to be tight in the thighs. I wore this pair on the drive home and noticed they were looser than I remembered. When I got home I asked mom if the pants looked lose. She agreed they did.

I am a five foot two female weighing in at roughly 115 pounds. I didn’t need to be loosing weight. I hadn’t lost weight though, just inches.

The Lable

Information taken from


What Others Have To Say

I am still a firm believer of trying to eat healthy and exercising, but as a college student it can be hard to do. This helps me. It helps a lot of people. If you want to learn more about the product or learn where you can try this yourself, comment below. I want to share this.

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Books as food: Midnight Pearls

Nothing beats a classic fairy tale, except maybe a new spin on the old tale. Midnight Pearls is just that. Written by Debbie Viguie, the story follows a 17-year-old girl named Pearl on her search for who she is and where she belongs.

Ever since my grandmother took me to see The Little Mermaid in its return to theaters (1997), I loved the idea of mermaids swimming under the waves. So when I run a cross a story that reignites the childhood wonder I have to devour the story and share my excitement.

Midnight Pearls blends elements from the original story of a mermaid that falls in love with a Prince with a flopping of positions and still happy endings for all.


Pearl is a foster child a fisherman pulled from the sea during a violent storm. She lives with the fisherman and his wife for thirteen years. During that time she secretly becomes friends with the kingdom’s Prince.

Things get complicated when the blacksmith asks to take her as his wife. Saying she doesn’t love the man she tells her woes to her friend the prince. In return he tells her that his father wishes him to marry and that he would find  a way out of both their situations.

His solution. Take her out on a boat, try to be romantic until the boat springs a leak and they both must swim for shore.

This is where we start to see elements of The Little Mermaid  surfacing. Below the waves as Pearl and the Prince are in the boat a brother and sister mermaid are watching. The brother spots Pearl and insists that she is a childhood friend that had gone missing thirteen years ago.

The sister has eyes only for the prince. So when their escape from the sinking boat fails and the prince is in need of rescuing, the sister saves him. She even gives him a kiss before escaping back to the ocean.

When the prince comes to, he says that he will marry the girl who saved him. He thought the sister and Pearl were one in the same.

If you want to know how this case of mistaken identity plays out, pick up a copy of Midnight Pearls by Debbie Viguie.

The book has 198 pages and has a middle school reading level. This can be a great one day read of children at heart or a good bedtime story for little ones.


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Plarn Rugs getting creative

We see them everywhere and probably don’t think much of them. They are plastic bags that we get, well everywhere in the US. Go to Walmart, liqueur store, gas station, grocery and they will be there. In fact in the United States there are 102 Billion bags used per year, or approximately 1 million per 5 minutes, accoding to Plastic Waste Solutions. In other countries there are charges to put your items in a plastic bag, or plastic bags of the lightweight style are completely banned.

By no means is this meant to be a “wag the finger, shame on you for not recycling” type post. Actually, just the opposite. This is more a creative call to action. Let’s see what we can make with this plastic problem.

Some time last year I posted about playing with Plastic. There I talked about one crafty way of taking those plastic bags and re-purposing them as a craft material. Since then, I have been playing designs one can make with plarn.

 Take a look at these! Rug 1

Just as good outside as inside

Just as good outside as inside

Over the summer I worked on making the start of another woven rug. Its the same pattern I learned in the Playing with plastic post and the rugs measure 18 X 30 inches.

My original plans for this project was to weave a bright strip of yellow through the holes the pattern made. That didn’t happen. My dad had been thinking about buying a anti-fatigue rug for him to stand on as he was grilling for my brother’s grad party. I had him stand on the unfinished rug and asked him to give it a try before spending 30-40 bucks.

That day we got a down pour of rain and the rug held up nicely. As you can see from the picture, there is snow. I half expected it to freeze and snap, but it was just as flexible as the day of the grad party. I’m also surprised that it hasn’t blown away. Just goes to show the versatility of the material.

Rug 2

7 strand braided weave

7 strand braided weave

This next rug is very similar to the black one above. This time I used a single ply of clear plastic to make the body. The woven strands are a braided rope made of 6 strips of black garbage bags and 1 strand of a snowflake patterned table clothe that I picked up at the Bemidji State University’s free store.

This rug is also 18 X 30 inches. I’m not surer where this on will find a home but it’s sure to add a pop of personality.

Rug 3

The final rug is a different pattern than the other two but has the same measurements. It plays with the leaping blocks and stripes crochet pattern.

Before making this rug I had made a blanket with this same patterns and it turned out fantastic! I took a break from crafting to give my hands a break after completing the project, but even as I was resting I was playing with the idea of adapting the pattern for Plarn.

Color changing leaping block and strip rug

Color changing leaping block and strip rug

The rows of white on the ends were a little tricky in the fact that I had to go down the row and then pick up the other color and bring it down before tying off. I know that sounds a little confusing, but I really don’t have a better way of explaining it.

If I try this project again I need to figure out how to make it a rectangle and not an hour glass. This warping of the shape happened because I used two different plastics with different thicknesses.

Maybe if I had used 2 ply for the white it wouldn’t have bowed. Or if it does still bow when I try it again, I’ll try using a double crochet when I go around for the boarder.

Currently this rug is sitting in the porch at my parent’s house. Maybe my next experiment will be able to have “wipe you feet” crocheted into the pattern.

Only time can tell.

With crafting, your only limitation is you imagination

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Helpful Plant: Hollyhocks

Before there were pharmacies and pills there were plants. Everything that grows can hurt or heal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate and should not be used in replacement of actual medical advice.

About Hollyhocks Altheae Rosea

This garden plant comes in four different colors: white, yellow, pink and purple, and can grow up to seven feet. It is part of the Plantae kingdom, Malvales order,Malvaceae Family, Alcea genus.

This flower originated in China and was used as the symbol of the Tokugawa regime in Japan. It flowers from mid to late summer. Because of its thick stalk it is sometimes used as firewood.

Medical Uses

Although it’s not very tasty, it can be eaten. The flowers when picked in full bloom can be soothing  and can be used as a diuretic. When made into an infusion it can fight coughs and bronchitis. It has also been used to prevent miscarriages, help ruptures, dissolve coagulated blood from falls and blows and can be used to kill worms in children.


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