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Helpful Plant: Tarragon

Before there were pharmacies and pills there were plants. Everything that grows can hurt or heal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate and should not be used in replacement of actual medical advice.

About Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)

Tarragon illustration

This is a shrubbry with a wooden stem that can grow up to three feet tall. It is part of the Plantae kingdom, Asterales order,Asteraceae Family, Artemisia genus.

It is a garden herb that was originally found in Siberia and North-West America. The most Common use is a spice for cooking.

Medical Uses

Tarragon can be made into an infusion which is good for issues with the urinary tract. It can also help with flatulence and  bloating.


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Money matters: Entertainment

Entertainment can be a sucker for your hard earned dollars. Take a night at the movies for two people:

  • Movie tickets: $8.50 each
  • Concessoins: $5.00 each (conservative)
  • Transportation to movie
  • Pre/post movie meal

This could easily be a $27.00 date.

If you need to tighten the financial belt there is a way to cut costs but not fun.

  • Check Community Events

Most cities have a place for residents to check on upcoming events. If there is a school nearby and the students are putting on a play or recital, consider stopping by.

  • Score local deals

I’ve seen them, you’ve probably seen them too. Your favorite restaurant has appetizers half off after 9pm. That bar your friends frequent has two-for-one happy hours between 4-6 and 9-11.

This option might take a little more looking but it would be worth your time.

Consider going to an afternoon movie instead of the night showing. This option could shave $2 off of each ticket, depending on the theater. Some theaters also have one day a week where the tickets are cheaper. Friday night Premiers are fun and exciting but the movie will be around for a bit. It’s ok to wait to see it

  • Libraries

These places are great for free entertainment. They either have events of their own going on, are hosting a community or at the very least have plenty of borrow-able entertainment options.

Instead of buying that new book, get on the list to borrow it for free. The same can be said for Magazines and movies.

  • Streaming media

A starter plan for TV channels can hover around $40 a month. The number of channels varies by provider, but out of those how many channels will you watch and how often will you be around to watch? Both Netflix and Hulu+ cost $8 a month. You could also share the subscription with a friend and lower the cost even more.

If you don’t want to pay a penny, Hulu can also be free, but your options are restricted a little. Coke and Popcorn is good for running and discontinued shows. And if you like anime and cartoons try Watch Cartoons Online.

  • Staying in

Who says you have to go out to have a good time? Get a couple of friends together for a potluck and a movie someone already owns.

Converse over a pot of coffee with home cooked snacks. Better for you and your wallet.

Consider a family game night.


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This Day in History

Ulysses S. Grant

1872 President Ulysses S. Grant signs legislation creating Yellostone as the first National Park. The law made it so that all animals, minerals, timber and natural curiosities, such as Old Faithful would remain in the natural state for generations to come.

Yellowstone was the first National Park in the United States and the world.

Watch Old faithful

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Really? They made a Dragonhart 3

This boggles my brain.

The first Dragonheart movie came out in 1996. It had brilliant actors such as Dennis QuaidDavid ThewlisPete PostlethwaiteDina Meyer and  Sean Connery as the voice of Draco.

I enjoyed this plot line. It made sense.

The second Dragonheart: A New Beginning came out 4 yerars later in 2000. Once again the plot line made sense. it followed a plossible plot hole left from the last one. Robby Benson, the same guy who voiced the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, was the voice of the dragon Drake. And Christopher Masterson was the stable boy turned knight. Again this made sense.

Now 15 years later! We get this.

Did any one else catch that? There is a space dragon!

Now granted I haven’t watched this direct to video movie yet. And this is just one opinion from someone who did not wish to see the good name if its predecessors tarnished. But let me say, so far I’m not impressed.

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Helpful Plant: Dove’s-foot

Before there were pharmacies and pills there were plants. Everything that grows can hurt or heal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate and should not be used in replacement of actual medical advice.

About Dove’s-foot Geranium molle

This plant can be found pastures, along paths as well as people’s gardens. It has small pink or red flowers with pale leaves on a long red-haired stalk.  It is part of the Plantae kingdom, Geraniales order,Geraniaceae Family, Geranium genus.

This plant was originally from Mediterranean and Sub-Mediterranean climates. It was introduced to North America and today is considered a noxious weed.

Medical Uses

Dove’s-foot can be used to  internal injuries such joint pains, gout and can help with kidney stones. External uses include cleaning and healing cuts, ulcers and fistulas.

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My bad

I’m Sorry!

I have to apologize for not having done a post this morning. There isn’t a good reason as to why the post wasn’t posted on time.

This won’t happen again… at least for another month. To make up for it, you can expect at double post this upcoming Sunday.

See you soon.

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This Day in History

Galileo turns 451

Happy birthday to the man considered to be the Father of Modern Science.

Known for his work with pendulums, telescopes and dropping two different weighted metal balls from the top of the leaning Tower of Pisa, Galileo ushered in a new way of science. Instead of just thinking something is true he changed it so you went out and experimented to see if it was true.

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Helpful Plant: Hollyhocks

Before there were pharmacies and pills there were plants. Everything that grows can hurt or heal.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to educate and should not be used in replacement of actual medical advice.

About Hollyhocks Altheae Rosea

This garden plant comes in four different colors: white, yellow, pink and purple, and can grow up to seven feet. It is part of the Plantae kingdom, Malvales order,Malvaceae Family, Alcea genus.

This flower originated in China and was used as the symbol of the Tokugawa regime in Japan. It flowers from mid to late summer. Because of its thick stalk it is sometimes used as firewood.

Medical Uses

Although it’s not very tasty, it can be eaten. The flowers when picked in full bloom can be soothing  and can be used as a diuretic. When made into an infusion it can fight coughs and bronchitis. It has also been used to prevent miscarriages, help ruptures, dissolve coagulated blood from falls and blows and can be used to kill worms in children.


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Tips for Being Money Wise

Since the economy took a nose dive in 2008 people have been trying to pinch the pennies. Now in 2015 things are starting to turn around, thankfully. I watched as my parents and neighbors worried about money and I never want to have to worry like they did. So, that’s why I’ve been trying to find ways to save for rainy days, or when I have to join the “Adult world.” Let me share what I’ve found.



  1. Is it a want or a need? This is question I ask before I put anything in my cart. If it’s a want I can normally talk myself out of buying the item. These items can become Christmas gift ideas if you still want it down the road. If it’s a need, can I find it on sale or get a generic of the item?
  2. Get creative with your entertainment. I haven’t felt the need to have T.V due to the fact that I can get my news and shows of the internet. Most newspapers will also publish their stories online, same with some magazines. For shows, again I can find most of them online on sites such as Hulu and Coke and Popcorn. Both of these are free. You can upgrade to hulu+ for $8 a month or you can get Netflix for the same amount. For reading materials try getting to know your local library. And for entertaining friends, why not have a night in? Make your own food or order pizza and watch a movie you already own.
  3. Know you budget. Everyone should have a budget, know what it is and stick to it. A hint for this is to estimate you expenses higher than they actually are and estimate your income lower than it is. By doing this you will feel the need to watch what you spend and think twice about bigger purchases. Not to mention you will be able to put more into savings.
  4. Get healthy. Think about it. If you are sick you go to the doctor, maybe get a prescription, maybe miss a day of work and in the worst case you got to emergency care. By no means am I saying not to get medical help if you need it. But if you take care of yourself you can avoid the unavoidable costs of getting sick.
  5. Cut of the unnecessaries. I don’t need to say how bad smoking and drinking is, everyone has hear that enough. But a one pack of smokes could get you a meal at the grocery store. Alcohol is the same thing. Now how about things you sign up for but don’t use, like gym memberships? You can get the same burn for free outside if the weather is nice and at home if its not. Need a work out partner? Ask a friend over and make it a weekly catch up date.

These are just a few tips that anyone can use, adult, college student or what have you. But in case I missed anything try this article by greatist.com. It has 94 different ways to creatively save money.

Happy Piggy Bank


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This day in History

Happy Birthday to the Oxford Dictionary!

Febuary 1st 1884 Oxford publish its first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. It took over 40 years to complete. Today you can search through the Second Edition online and it is updated four times a year.

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