Really? They made a Dragonhart 3

This boggles my brain.

The first Dragonheart movie came out in 1996. It had brilliant actors such as Dennis QuaidDavid ThewlisPete PostlethwaiteDina Meyer and  Sean Connery as the voice of Draco.

I enjoyed this plot line. It made sense.

The second Dragonheart: A New Beginning came out 4 yerars later in 2000. Once again the plot line made sense. it followed a plossible plot hole left from the last one. Robby Benson, the same guy who voiced the Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, was the voice of the dragon Drake. And Christopher Masterson was the stable boy turned knight. Again this made sense.

Now 15 years later! We get this.

Did any one else catch that? There is a space dragon!

Now granted I haven’t watched this direct to video movie yet. And this is just one opinion from someone who did not wish to see the good name if its predecessors tarnished. But let me say, so far I’m not impressed.

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