TV workouts

I’m a college student. After a day of classes and work the last thing I want to do is workout. Forget going to the gym, I’d rather watch Netflix or catch up on my anime. I know, I’m a horrible person.

But this year I propose a change! I suggest we combine the things we love most and workouts. Who’s with me?

“Ok miss let’s do this. What do you have in mind?”

Well I’m getting there.

I did some searching on pre-made routines for shows and movies, but I didn’t find all that many. I’m starting to think that this will be a growing post…

I did however found workouts to Gilmore Girls:

Gilmore Girls workout game

Avatar The Last AirBender:

Avatar workout game

I would love to make this bigger, but if I do it’ll be too blurry to read. So, here’s what you do for this game. You can do 1 of the three options or all 3 if you want a challenge

“My cabbages!”, “Yip yip!”, Momo
30 second plank
15 backward leg lifts each side
20 bicycles

Sokka flirts, talks about food, or you see/hear about his boomerang

15 lateral raises
5 forward leg lifts each side
10 reverse crunches

Disguise, combo animals, shirtlessness
15 shoulder presses
20 sumo squats
20 Russian twists

Zuko mentions honor, Zuko gets his butt handed to him
15 tricep pushups
30 second wall sit
20 oblique/side crunches each side

20 bicep curls
30 calf raises
20 crunches

Avatar State, Uncle Iroh, Katara is the voice of reason
10 push ups
20 jumping jacks
10 straight leg lifts


The Walking Dead:

Walking Dead workout game

And The Big Bang Theory:

The Big Bang Theory workout game

These are just a small sample of the “workout games” out there. During my search I cam across a  few sites that is all about workout games.

Tv Shows and Movie Workouts!

Buzz Feed

The NCIS and Supernatural workouts featured on Buzz Feed and the Avatar will keep me busy for a while. Marathon anyone?

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2 thoughts on “TV workouts

  1. Danielle

    Love it! Great idea!

  2. Love it!

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