Snacks: healthy and tasety

We are now half way through the first month of 2015, how many of us made a resolution to be better to ourselves this year? I’ll raise my hand here. My problem is that I didn’t grow up eating fruits and veggies so eating healthy doesn’t present a lot of edible options for me. I love my bread, juice and chocolate. The thought of celery with peanut butter for a snack only sounds good if I can skip the stalk and eat the peanut butter.

Its for those picky eaters who want to put good in their systems that I went searching for these recipes.

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Crackers with chocolate and bannana

fig and walnut energy bars

warm pear with cinnamon rioctta

spiced green tea smoothy

blueberry muffin bites

cookie and cream protein treats

I can see myself digging into the energy bar, the muffin bites and definitely into the cookies and cream. See, I like bread.

What do you eat that’s good for you and tastes food too?

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One thought on “Snacks: healthy and tasety

  1. jvonohlen

    I recently had this for breakfast: cut a banana down the middle so you have two slabs. Then coat each half in peanut butter and sprinkle with cashews, dried cranberries, and white chocolate chips. YUM!

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