Minecraft in fashion

Let me start this one out by asking a question. “Have you heard of Minecraft?”

For those of you who don’t know about this game here’s the lo down from a non-player. Minecraft is a build anything, do anything because you can kind of game. Everything is made out of blocks in this game… even the building blocks are made out of blocks. The options of what you can make are limited only by your imagination. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at this!

That was all made in Minecraft. Pretty cool hu?

Now like I said before, I don’t play Minecraft personally. I back seat game on occasion. What I do with Minecraft is create items the resemble items in the game. I make Minecraft hats.

To be honest I’m proud of myself for lerning how to do this. I’m sure you’ve searched on google for Minecraft hats and have seen come cool creations.

The idea to try my own had at making something like that came from a gift idea for my boyfriend. He is a big gamer and loves Minecraft; he probably has every mod out there. So, I decided that I was going to make him a creeper beanie.

Creeper beanie

Creeper beanie

For this design I made the hat first with only one strand of yarn and then stitched the mouth and eyes on later. It wasn’t bad for my first try, but I thought I could do better. Perfectionist that I am. the second time I made the hat it had two strands of green and the face was stitched in as I went along.

I must have pulled the project three to four times before I had the look I wanted. My problem with do the in stitch design was the face slanting. Counting stitches didn’t help with my slanting problem, so I ended up winging it. I think it turned out alright, don’t you?

But I couldn’t stop there. Somehow my brother caught wind that I was making these and asked if I would make him a black creeper with a red face. He is attending Moorhead State, so his request made sense from a school color stand point.

Moorhead Creeper

Moorhead Creeper

You can see in this one how the nose part is a little slanted, but the rest looks good. The kid loved his Christmas present. I hope he wears it to his classes on campus.

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3 thoughts on “Minecraft in fashion

  1. jvonohlen

    Creativity all around on this post! My sister attends Moorhead, I should tell her to be on the look out for this hat. AND a super great video to share 🙂 All in all, this is a fun post!

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