Project final write up

Ashley’s Final Project Write Up

My Project Proposal

In my Project Proposal, I said that I would use my existing blog for this class to journal about my EuroSpring experience. I had planned to post once a day about what happened the day’s events along with links to outside sources as needed and pictures. Each post was planned to be no shorter than 700 words

What I actually did

For the first week or so I followed my plan of posting everyday and having links and pictures for each day. The posts follow a similar format:

  1. wake-up
  2. events after the last night’s post
  3. breakfast
  4. classes
  5. day’s adventures
  6. Preview of the next day or Closing thoughts
  7. In case you missed the Links

With some snarky comments thrown in here and there

Week one dealt with getting to Oxford, the trip to Bath and the first trip into London
Week two had the musical Wicked and the Travel Break with Cork, Blarney, Glendlough, The Wicklow Mountains and Dublin
Week three was the last day of the travel break, second day in London, Avebursy, Stonehenge, Sailsburg Cathedral, Stratford on Avon, Westminster Abby and 221b Baker Street.
Week four was the starting of the end, Portsmouth and the flight home
Week five was post trip thoughts

After the Studio Tours and looking at how other people had theirs set up, I tried to make it easier for my readers to get to posts easier. I created a EuroSpring 2014 page on my blog with links to all the posts in order of weeks.

When I used links they usually to outside sources to give the reader more information about a person or place. Example if this would be:

Other times I linked to funny videos that I shared with my roommate that night or something useful to the reader. Examples of this would be:

  • 3/26 Tuesdays Adventure I link to the youtube videos “After Ever After” and “The Movie Villain Medley” by Paint, “John Williams is the Man,” and “The Star wars I used to know.”
  • 3/26 Tuesdays Adventure I make reference to a manga that features the Shabti I saw in the Ashmolean that day. I linked to a place readers could go to read the mentioned manga.
  • 3/19 All I want to do is eat, sleep and brush my teeth I linked to an international currency rate checker.

Finally I linked to all GIFs that I borrowed from other sources

Deviance from the plan

• On more than a couple posts, like during the travel break to Ireland, I didn’t have links or pictures.
• My posts ranged in word count from 650ish to1500ish in length.
• I didn’t post everyday as we got closer to the end of the trip. There are a couple two-for-ones and one three-for-one. Almost everyday is accounted for in one way or another at least.

What went well and what was a struggle

Starting out the blogging went really well. My posts were in the 1000 word range and they had links and pictures. I had a routine that worked for getting material posted. This high point eventually turned into the low point when I started running out of new experience to write about. My routine was interrupted during the travel break and it was hard to get back on track. Other inturruptions to my routine were field trips that would keep me away from Wycliffe and my computer. On nights like those the posts would be lacking in the links and pictures or they would be very short.

I did notice that my number of viewers has drastically gone up since I started writing about the EuroSpring trip. Before I left I only had viewers in the United States. Now as of 5/8/14 I’ve had views in 16 different countries:

Country Views
United States 833
Guam 25
United Kingdom 16
Australia 3
Norway 3
Philippines 2
Spain 2
Korea, Republic of 2
Singapore 1
Italy 1
Mexico 1
Thailand 1
Germany 1
Taiwan 1
Netherlands 1
Portugal 1

Will I continue and What It meant to me

I do intend to continue the use of Surviving Freetime my way. But I think I’ll drop down to a post or two a week, everyday posting took a lot of time and energy.

This project gave me a new found respect for those who do blog for a living. Up until now I thought that those who blogged didn’t have to work very hard to create their posts. I was dead wrong. Even though I had it easier than most of my classmates, where I didn’t have to research my topic, each post did take time and thought on how best to present what I had to say.

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