Post trip: a little selfish advertising

I’ve been back about a week now, but already I feel the need to see someplace new again. That is why I want to talk a bit about the benefits of seeing the world.

My biggest reason is to gain self-confidence. Mom likes to call me her little mouse because I will do everything to take the path of least resistance and avoid trouble. After taking this trip I have found that I am more willing to go and do things by myself. Before this, even a trip to Walmart just up the road, I wouldn’t go alone; I made my brother take me. Now I will go there alone and even ask a floor person a question. I still take the path of least resistance, but I’m more firm in my steps.

Gaining a different perspective on things is another reason to go. The culture you live in may seem like the best one there is, until you step outside. You’ll learn and experience new things and who knows you might change your mind on a few things. In my case I would love to move out of the states even more now… just saying

Make memories and stories for future generations. Nothing would be worse than sitting in a nursing home, thinking about the life you’ve led only to realize that you didn’t do anything. Every person ought to have that one story about climbing out the window and sitting on the roof at Wycliffe or touching the water at Bath.

Making links to the past. Maybe it doesn’t matter to some, but I want to know where I came from. A trip to England where an ancestor was Sheriff of Nottingham was an awesome thing. It would have been better if I could have gotten to the city or had an idea where said ancestor’s body might be, but hey it was still worth it.

Needless to say, if you have the chance to travel, be it for college or later in life, get your butt on that plane. Most if not all colleges have some program where you can study abroad. Maybe they have a program where you can teach English in China for the summer. You can sight see and you might even get paid… maybe. Every school is different. It pays to check these things out. What would it hurt to get a little info? It’s not a commitment right then and there but a perfect first step.

What if you are no longer a student? “JGI”  Just Google it, type in “cheap world travel” and there are options you can check out. Or you can go to you local travel agent and see what they have.

It’s never too late to travel. Even if it’s a road trip to all fifty states, take the opportunity to make memories.

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One thought on “Post trip: a little selfish advertising

  1. I always say: it’s wonderful to discover a post that makes you go, “Me too!” Travel does all that for me too. Great post.

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