A tour through the studios

This week instead of reviewing out own work, the students of the Weblogs and Wikis class have been asked to look at the projects of our classmates. I’ve had the pleasure of looking at:


Brad Tramel Notes


    1. Plans to do one indi game a week
    2.  two of the games some experiance, one extensively, the other two no experience
    3. long-form and fragmented communication of experience: before (context), during (experience), and after (critique)
    4. post 3 times a week Monday: first impressions of the game and research about the game’s context: inspirations, creator(s), development process, etc.Wednesday: extended analysis about at least three noteworthy              aspects of the game: game’s narrative, mechanics, and artFriday: full critical review. Effectively and uniquely communicate        about indie games in a blog, through linking and commenting
    5. have a Blog roll with blogs of similar voices
    6. 3500 words/week w/2 or 3 snapshots


    1. Keeps with his planned posting schedule pretty closely, even if the days aren’t spot on
    2. Hard to get around site. how do I get to older week reviews of games? There isn’t a distinct archive to flip back to.
    3. visual look easy to read.
    4. Liked the use screen shots on Monument Valley: A Photo Journal. Althought  they personally all looked the same and the exact lay out was jumpy. Is there a way to smooth them out?
    5. Explanation of game clear. Have other people done reviews of this game? Their thoughts? Stats from indi game rankers?
    6. Not as many words as contracted for. approx. 1500/3500
    7. well written, not sure if I’d play the game thought


Claire Tsuji notes


    1. Will go to three places to eat a week
    2. Restaurant review format with her personal experience included
    3. Executive description: presentation of food, taste, service, and over all experience of the restaurant
    4. Include pictures of the food/beverage/desserts
    5. Evaluate customer treatment, ambiance
    6. Links to restaurant pages, other reviews of places, articles about openings/ place history
    7. 500 words per post


    1. easy to read with same format throughout the post
    2. Nice to read about some of the places I frequent
    3. Pictures are well places and add good content
    4. Links to interesting places ie: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jessicamisener/29-ways-to-be-the-worst-person-at-starbucks on march 28th
    5. Believe able writing. states what she thinks of the place and backs it up with reasons for her thinking
    6. Meets contracted word amount.
    7. Enjoyable to read, Might check a few of her reviews out for myself.

 Craig Sorby notes








…Um, 2/3 is still passing right? Notes on Craig’s blog will be posted tomorrow.


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