The second to last page

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Wither that’s because I slept so much yesterday or because I was worried about the test today, I’m not sure. seeing how  was awake any way I tought I should be productive. I spent my time searching for a summer job. I think I might have found one. Eventually I fell asleep around 2 am. Breakfast today was the crescent roll with chocolate in the middle, and today I got my applesauce. Oj as usual. the morning was ours for the taking… I took a nap. Go figure there. Managed to get 3 hours or so before I actually woke up for the day.

When I went back down stairs Aimee was studying in the lunchroom with another girl. The rest of our classmates were outside on the lawn studying. I tried to study but I guess I have no study skills. But I went to the lectures, I paid attention and I have notes. I figured I’d be ok.

Lunch was our last English fish and chips. After lunch everyone tried to cram a little more. I couldn’t concentrate so I facetimed my family. They were just starting their day. Mom had to work in two hours and my brother had just woken up. I talked with them until it was time for the test to begin. There was no going back after that.

The test was in essay form. For the main lecture course with Dr. Chapman we had 18 questions to choose from. We only had to write about three of them. My other classes were shorter. For Women and the Victorian novel there were five questions and I had to choose two. My Quests for the East class was similar; there were three sections and we had to choose two. The things about me and tests is that I’m all cool until I sit down, look at the questions and then I go, “Oh, crap.” I think, “oh crap” but as I’m going through i’m just reying my best. Its after I turn everything in that I begin to  stress out.

I finished the test with 30 minutes or so to spare. I went up stairs to my room and tried to de-stress with my book. Aimee came in a few minutes later. From the time between then and dinner we hung out in our room. Its a sad feeling to know that there’s nothing more for you here. It’s over. I’ll be back in the states this time tomorrow… This was too quick. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way.

Dinner was a chicken and mushroom pie with some greens that i didn’t feel like eating. When all were done eating, Dr. Chapman, who along with his wife and Nigel Frith joined us for dinner, stood and spoke to the group. He said that we had been a wonderful group to teach. That it had never taken more than three rounds of animal sounds to get our attention for a lecture and we had never been late on a field trip. He wished us a safe travel if we were going forward and a safe trip home.

It was then that Moorhead presented Dr. Chapman with his gift, a book about Moorhead school. Bemidji on the other had had just a simple card, signed by all the students. After that pictures were taken. Little timid me amost missed her chance but in the end I got a picture with Chapman and one with Nigel. The pages of the Eurosping book slowly falling closed around me.

To celebrate surviving the test and our last night in Oxford together we went to get Gelato. The place we went to was not far from the G&D we had been to not so long ago. It was call Mumu’s. It tasted good, but I still can’t tell the difference between gelato and regular Ice cream. Some of the group were going to head to the pubs for a last drink; Aimee and i returned to Wycliffe.

Well we went back but we didn’t stay there long. I had some loose change that wouldn’t have been converted back to american dollars so I had to spend it. Want to guess where we went? Tesco, go figure right? One the way there we say our first street fight, or the end of a street fight. Cops were already controlling the situation, but you could hear men talking and dogs barking. At Tesco I bought three candy bars for 1.35 I still had some odd change left… mostly pennies.

As we were leaving Tesco a police van had just pulled up and they were loading the fighters into it. We had to go past this to get back to Wycliffe. As we were passing the Martyr’s Monument I placed the last of my change next to a wilting wreath. If someone will take the coins I don’t know. But they are out of my pocket.

The last has now turned to night and its time to go to bed. Tomorrow I’ll be flying home. A bitter sweet reunion. Until then.

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