Last lecture and and a Bird and Baby

Hearing that today was the last Dr. Chapman lecture really hit home that this is all coming to an end. Its hard to believe that a month has come and gone so quickly. Tomorrow is the last full day and test day. No, that’s tomorrow and it hasn’t come to pass yet. Today should be our focus for a little longer yes?

Shall we?

Breakfast this morning was two pieces of peanut spread toast and a glass of OJ. I had my first “last” class with Nigel Frith right after breakfast. On the last quiz I got 100%  and a very large smiley face with big teeth. Today he didn’t start with another quiz, but told us what to expect for our final tomorrow. There will be three sections and we have to write to two of them. Writing about the Iliad and 1001 nights will be a snap for me. Now if I can’ keep to example from those texts and not pulling from outer outside sources I’ll be just fine. He then gave us a sample question and had us break it down into how he wants our answers written. The one I chose to pick at wasn’t looked at by the class but I put answers forward for the one that was.

If there is one thing that I would like to see, it would be Nigel and Swain go at it in a debate about the “dark ages” If I remember right, Swain hates it when the time period in question is called the “dark ages” Both of these guys know they stuff and it would be a very close match. Jury still out on a personal opinion.

There was a bit of a break between classes for me, so I curled up for a short nap. All the coughing the night before makes one tired and stomach muscles sore the next morning. Thankfully no flying stinging insects came for a visit during this time.

Dr. Chapman’s last lecture was about the relationships between Anglos and Americans. He talked about American’s who impacted England and English that were celebrities to the Americans. People that were covered included Benjamin Franklin, William Byrd, Benjamin West, Sir Benjamin Thompson Lord/Count of Rumford, Charles Dickens, Charles Waterton,  Oscar Wilde, and  Sir Robert Stawell Ball. It was very sad to hear him make his animal noises for the last time and see him bow at the the end of his lecture.

Lunch today was spaghetti with garlic toast and that bowl of applesauce I didn’t get at breakfast. It all tasted good and I cleaned my plate, the first time in a couple days. Guess that might be a sign I’m on the mend… Maybe. I would at least be nice to be healthy enough when I fly home T~T I don’t want this to end really. I mean I hate theses days when there isn’t much you can do because you’ve run out of time to do something big and you’ve done everything small. If it was an option I would skip the tests tomorrow and head home than hang around here waiting for the end.

I was done with classes for the day, but Aimee still had one to go. While she was in class I read a little from “Daughter of the Forest” and tried to sleep a little more. When Aimee got done with class we went on a walk to Poundland and a couple other stores looking for a mug for her cousin again. She found on that had the design of the British empire, but she didn’t get it. the mug was the last one and there was a little crack on the rim. If it had been for her, she might have gotten it. But it was a gift so she passed on it.

When we got back we just hung out. She’s been re-watching Home Improvement and I tried to watch Aquarion Evol, but my Ipad wasn’t up to it. More sleeping on my part. A coughing attack ended that idea and I went back to reading my book. We had made prior plans to eat out tonight at a pub. Neither of us were really hungry be we went any way.


Our destination The Eagle and Child, or as the locals call it, “The Bird and Baby.” You might have heard me talk about this place before and you’d be right. This pud was the meeting place for the Inklings; the literary group with J.R.R Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and others. Like the other restaurants I’ve been to here in England you order and pay at the bar before yo get your food. There was a line almost out the door when we got there, so we didn’t know that we needed to find a table first and then order. When it was our turn the guy behind the counter asked his female co-worker where two people could sit. She replied, “Lamb and Flag.” I’m not sure if she was joking or not. But normally when you have people who want to be at your establishment so you normally tell them to go to the competition?

LOTR Quote

LOTR Quote

I ordered sausage and mash to eat and just got a glass of water. Aimee got a thing of fries and a sprite, called lemonade here. the female co-worker did find us a spot at table 5. The first table in the room after the bar. There was a little plaque on the wall saying that this was the meeting place for the Inklings. For a visual of this place think long and skinny. You enter through the door and there are two sitting rooms, one on each side, follow through a little hallway with a quote from the Lord of the Ring and you get to a little bigger room where the bar is. As I said before we were in the first room past the bar, three tables were in this room. Turn right, go up a little step and follow this hallway and you get the two other skinny rooms with tables. If you are in the Bemidji area think the 209 Bar and maybe double that in length.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I liked my food and felt bad that I wasn’t able to finish it all. After feeling like an idiot for having to ask what we do with our dishes we departed from the place. The female co-worker got a chuckle at our confusion and wished us a good night. i wished her the same. I almost wish I had a place like that to go and talk with fellow writers back home. Baby steps, the Ink warriors are just getting started. They’ll get their own hang out in the community someday.

Since we got back, both of us have been more than a little distracted about getting our work done. Aimee is stressing over studying for the tests tomorrow. I figure if you went to the lectures, paid half attention and took notes you should be ok. anyway with how the test is structured there’s no way not to pass it. That’s the reason I’m not that worried. Its an essay test, I’m an English major. ‘Nuff said. I didn’t know how to start this post so I watched two more episodes of Aquarion evol, started this post, fiddled with facebook and am still rocking out to Nightcore music as I finish this. Gotta be feeling better if I’m this peppy at 2300.

Better call it a night, wish me luck tomorrow.


In case you missed the Links:

Dark Ages:

Benjamin Franklin:          

William Byrd:

Benjamin west:

Sir Benjamin Thomposn Count of Rumford:

Charles Dickens:                   

Charles Waterton:

Oscar Wilde:                               

Sir Robert Stawell Ball:

Daughter of the Forest:

Home Improvement:

Aquarion Evol:

Bird and Baby sign picture provided by:                                      

Eagle and Child:


Lamb and Flag:

Nightcore music:     

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