You can’t fight a cough

It’s true, I don’t care who you say you are. If you have to cough there is no way to hold a cough back. Why start out a post like this? Because my stupid cough has shaped my day pretty much.

Between remembering that I almost forgot to do my weekly review for one of my classes, i was kept awake by my own coughing. Woke up a little tired, but rolled out and went to breakfast like always. It was my favorite: the chocolate crescent, applesauce and OJ. I didn’t go back to the room and rest after breakfast. Our Eurospring instructor had called a meeting at nine to give a few announcements about what would be happening once we all left Oxford. He gave back out medical forms, asked us to evaluate the class and other stuff like that. By the time that was over it was time for Dr. Chapman’s class

His first lecture was about the search for the source of the Nile. Chapman started out by saying that in 1830 we knew more about the surface of the moon than the interior of Africa. A man by the name of James Bruce found the source of the Blue Nile in 1768. The source of the white Nile wasn’t found until the husband and wife team of Sir Samuel Bankes and Florence found it some time later.

Dr. Chapman’s second lecture was about Intrepid ladies, female explorers. I really wanted to hear this one. however my body had other plans. He’s barely started his second lecture and I’m hit with a major coughing attack. And as I’ve said before there, there is no way to suppress a cough. I quickly scribbled a note to Aimee to take notes for me and rushed out of the room. I coughed all the way back to my room and then let it all out once the door was closed. It takes a lot out of a person.

That being said I decided to take a cough drop and Ibuprofen and try to catch a nap. it was going so well until I heard the sound of something big flying by the window. Want to guess what was there? A wasp. what is up with my room and the flying insects with stingers? At first I left the room, but then decided to go back into the room, pull the curtain shut and open the window. With any luck it would take the hint and fly out on its own. Little guy needed a little coaxing. I wasn’t going to do it, so I went in search for someone to help.

I found help in a nice giant of a man was later told me he gets the job of swishing out bees at home. Together, I holding the window open and tracking the wasp and him using a stack of papers to push the wasp between where the windows over lapped, we got the little guy out. I still would have like to kill it, oh well. It’s gone and that’s all I care about.

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After lunch Aimee and I went to the  Pitt Rivers Museum and its connected museum. The first part had two floors filled with natural history. there were Dino skeletons, stuffed animals you could touch, and there was even a section that was full of kids making paper headbands. fun for the whole family. On the second floor of this were were precious stones, bugs which Aimee and I were happy to pass by, and displays with birds from around the area.

The entrance to the actual Pitt rivers was behind all of this. Three floors full of display cases busting a the seems with artifacts from all over the world. The term “Cluster F***” would describe it nicely. There was so much in the case it was hard to line up short to take pictures. I managed to get a couple of some swords, but I would have loved to take more of this area. The first floor was boats, human shape in art, practical things used by civilizations. I stared at a case that had things for spinning. I was trying to find a drop spindle in the mess of things… don’t know if I found one in there or not.

The second floor was toys tools and tattoos.  I saw Japanese miniatures, tops and other toys, looked at pictured and gadgets used to modify the body. Neck stretchers, foot binding, head flatteners and the European corset. There was also a display on how some tribes purposefully make scars on their bodies to make designs. As we were leaving this floor they had a case about recycled art. I saw a bowl made of coiled wrappers, a checker board made of wood and the pieces were metal coke caps.

three partial English Swords in Pitt River Display

three partial English Swords in Pitt River Display

On the third floor was weapons. The picture of the swords was taken on this floor. One of the swords I wanted to take a picture was a broad sword and would have been a beast to wield. This floor was also home to old fashion locks, spears, shields and guns. To really look at everything could take a day per floor.

After leaving the Pitt Rivers Aimee shopped for gifts for her grandparents and cousin who is now staying with the family. I followed along but didn’t buy anything. Any last minute shopping will be done tomorrow. we also stopped in at Tesco to see about something to help give out immune systems a boost. We found something that is for Immune system and antioxidant support. The tube contains 20 capsules that dissolve in water which you then drink. It doesn’t taste half bad. Like a fizzy waters down orange pop. Each tablet has 1000 mg of Vitamin C. They are also free of yeast, milk, gluten, egg, sugar, wheat and fish,also they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. All of this is on the label.

Aimee bought these and a package of Starburts that have little challenges on the wrappers. we made a game of pulling one out of the bag and doing the challenge. I drew out one that said, “sing a song while gargling water.” easier said then done. I lasted about 15 seconds before I started to choke on the water.  Both of us took a nap before dinner. Naps are good.

I think dinner was a giant egg roll with fries and peas.  I say I think because I could see it but couldn’t taste it. Not much has happened after dinner. We’ve listened to a couple veggie tales songs, but I think we’re about to call it a night. Sleep here we come!

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