Weblog and wiki project review week 4

Things to consider

Q. How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments?

A. I feel like I’m slipping on the requirements. My amount of post was cut in half this week due to circumstances that are out of my control. They are getting longer but have less links and pictures to them. They are starting to sound like quick summaries of two day’s events

Q. What gave you trouble? How did you work your way through that? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What else did you learn?

A. Getting the “umph” to post everyday is giving me some trouble. I’ m working through this one post at a time. Cutting back on content which can be added later. Less enjoyment in the post now that I have to fight to write them. I learned how to copy a post and reuse its format. Didn’t learn much else this week


Q. What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

A. I would go slower when it comes to writing the posts to cut down on the grammatical errors.


Questions I have: Is post two for ones acceptable?

Is class meeting again before the final presentation date?

What is expected for the presentation?


My Posts for this review

2/14 Beginnings of the end

4/12  A black bumble bee, a duck and three ships

4/10 More shopping… And a bit of wondering off

4/9  two for one, Tuesday and Wednesday 


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