Beginnings of the end

I promise that this should be the last two for one… hopefully. But sadly yes, this starts the beginning of the end of Euorspring.

Man, that sloth got it right on the money with that. Yesterday was the last Sunday and my last trip into London. Today was the last Monday and last meeting of my Women novelist in the 19th century class. I’ll catch you up on yesterday and then tell you about today, sound ok?

OK, lets do this.

Sunday’s breakfast was a plain crescent, applesauce and OJ. the plan was for me to go with the four other girls to London, while Aimee had a day to herself. Because of the second wave of crud going around she had stayed out of the room so I could get some sleep until 2am. Thank you Aimee! Sleep does wonders when you’re not feeling good. So while I was gallivanting around London either alone or in the group, she caught up on sleep, went for a walk and started packing to go home.

My London goers had one Moorehead student go with us. He split from out group early on so he could catch up with an air-force buddy that’s stationed here in England. My group bought their tickets for the subway and that’s where I separated from them.

Yes, I wondered around London by myself for the greater part of the day. No, I wasn’t really scared for my well-being. As I told my mom later that night: “I felt safer on the streets of London than in the tunnels at school around midnight.”  And if any of my classmates are reading this you know how creepy those tunnels can be.

First on my solo adventure I went up to King’s Cross train station again. I had wanted to see the Harry Potter shop and maybe get my picture taken with that trolley if the line was short enough. As I’m finding out, Harry Potter is a big thing here. The line was just as long as the other day. No picture for me. And the shop was so packed it was hard to move around inside. I had thought about buying a mug, sweatshirt or even a scarf, but talked myself out of it. Nothing it that store showed a practical reason for buying it. Frugal Franny should have lived a little. Maybe. I’m kinda glad i didn’t buy anything there. I’m having a hard time getting what I have bought to fit into my suitcase.

Next on my list was the British museum to see the Beowulf Manuscript. What English major worth their ink wouldn’t go see it? A broke one to tell the truth… You had to pay to get into the Viking exhibition. And with only an hour to spare before meeting up with the group for our show I couldn’t really look around the place. If the Ashmolean takes two full days to see everything properly, the British Museum could take a full week. I spent my hour browsing through the central gift shop. I didn’t buy anything here either.

Before meeting my group, I was a little early for the rondevu time, I scouted out a souvenir shop and M&M world. I got through all four floors of the wonderful smelling place and had found a night-shirt that had the M&Ms in front of the British flag that i would purchase after the show. The group found me pretty easily and then we all went for lunch. They had found an Italian place they wanted to try out, so we went there. I wasn’t all that hungry and couldn’t pronounce half of the things on the menu. I got four pieces of garlic toast. One girl had noodles and the other three had pizzas.

After Lunch the group split up again. One girl to this random place that she’d bought a ticket for before lunch, two others to shop, and the Last girl and I went to Stomp. Let me say right now, If you get the chance to go you should really try to get there. These guys were amazing. Photography was prohibited even before the show stared, so you’ll have to just picture this place. We couldn’t have gotten better seats. We were on the second tier right in the middle and were almost level with the stage. Stomp featured a team of eight people, six boys and two girls. One guy was a little scarier than the others and another I couldn’t figure out why he was there or what his part in the show was. He looked too preppy and clean to be with the rest of the group; who looked like they just got done working jobs in construction. But when one number was done it all made sense as to why he was there. I’m going to say anymore on this. But if you go, and they do the same show I saw, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The show was awesome with stunts, percussion music, comedy and some audience participation. I almost hated it when it was over. We had about twenty minutes before we were to meet up with the group again at the Hard Rock cafe. I was able to swing into the M&M store and snag that nightshirt I had scouted earlier and finally got something for my sister at a tourist shop. I’ll post a picture of her with it later. Hope she likes it.

Needless to say we hit rush hour and were a little late getting to Hard Rock. The two that were waiting were just about to leave when we got there. Thanks for waiting guys. We didn’t eat at the Hard Rock on account of how expensive it was. After jumping subway trains we got to the London eye. I had already been on it but the other three wanted to go. That would have been fine with me if they hadn’t ducked into the Golden Arches. I thought  they were just going to the bathroom because they had made no note about food to me. When 10 minutes turns to 30 I get a little ancy. I don’t like to sit still very long. In the last I’ve just left the group and went out on my own. For some reason  I kept turning back around to see if they were done doing their duty and had come out of there. Finally I decided to say “screw it,” buy dinner on my own and ditch them. As I enter the McDonald’s I see them  holding pop cups. they must have grabbed food and not told me. Does this seem rude to any one besides me? Anyway, I didn’t really give them a chance to explain themselves, i didn’t want to hear it, I just said that i was eating there , by myself, and then going back to Wycliffe. this was my final parting from the group.

Not going lie, I felt pretty pathetic sitting downstairs eating my burger and fries along. I’ve also eaten more McD’s here in England in the past four weeks than I have in a year back in the states. Something is wrong here. I didn’t even finish all my food, I just wasn’t hungry.

I got back to Wycliffe safe and sound, showed my finds to Aimee and alter to mom and dad when I facetimed them. With good intentions I had planned to post last night, but it got too late after talking with the family.


Which brings us to today. Last night Aimee and i were about even when it came to keeping each other awake. One time she woke me up snoring and I retaliated with a coughing attack. Breakfast was two pieces of Cadbury toast (because the first option was hard-boiled eggs), a bowl of applesauce and OJ. Right after breakfast I went back to lay down, thinking I could get a little more sleep before class. I got a little rest… between coughing. Getting sick and tired of being sick and tired here.

After today there are only three more lectures by Dr. Chapman. Today we talked about what the British Empire did beneath the Southern Cross. The southern cross is a constellation that can only be seen clearly south of the equator. What was done to discover Australia, New Zealand and later the Antarctica was covered. I’ll add the notes on this one later.

Lunch I forget what it was separated Dr. Chapman’s class from my last class with the 19th century women novelists. Before that started however, Aimee shared that we had another visitor to the room. Another bee. This time it was a normal carpenter bee, except he was the size of a quarter! what is it with Oxford and the really big bees? We couldn’t find the guy who helped us out last time. A classmate of our took care of it for us. We owe her a debt of gratitude.

The Women novelists class was covering Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Out of all the books we had to read for this class, I liked this one the most. Just like with Chapman, I’ll add my notes on this one later.

After class the plan had been to go to the Pitt rivers Museum. We caught up in a group going to Moo Moo’s for milkshakes instead. Aimee has been looking forward to going to this place for weeks, so the side trip was worth it. Moo Moo’s is this pink little hole in the wall in the covered market and they have more flavors for milkshakes and smoothies than should be legal. If you can stand waiting in line for a while as they make your order this place is a must check out at least once.

When we separated from this group Aimee and I went for a little shopping. Aimee bought a cute teapot and tea canister shaped like a big red bus. I found two little solar power dancing flowers and had to get one for my sister and one for me.

Not all the busy of a day, but hey, both of us are sick and trying to get well before flying home on Friday. On top of that, even though there is still I want to do, we’ve done a lot of stuff. A little rest I think is allowable. Even though it’s still early by my personal normal standards, I’m calling it a night. Links to interesting things, Pictures that I find relevant and other things that make these post unique will have to be added at a later time. This one needs sleep.

Night all.

P.S: I did start packing for the flight home. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure where everything if going to fit. It’s like Tetris.

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