Two for one, Tuesday and Wednesday

Sorry for falling off the face of the earth like that. Not sure how many are following my day-to-day doings while I’m over here in England, but I still feel the need to apologize for not posting yesterday. That nasty cold that’s been sweeping through the Eurospring kids took me out for the count yesterday. So, I went to bed early. Got a little rest and am feeling better today, but now I have to catch you all up on the past 48 hours… watch me forget something. Kay here we go.

For breakfast on Tuesday I had a chocolate crescent, a little apple sauce and Oj to drink.Seems to me that Apple sauce has replaced my morning yogurt. After breakfast I didn’t take a nap right away. Instead I did laundry. The way I have things figured, I won’t have to laundry again until I’m back home in the states.

Dr. Chapman has started a new set of lectures called “the rich man in his castle, the poor at his gate.” The first lecture on Tuesday was about bring attention to the poor in the British isles. In a rank of poverty Ireland would be the poorest with Scotland not far behind, then Wales and finally Britain being the best off during the Victorian era. Writers such as the Reverend Thomas Malthus, Charles Dickens, and Henry Mayhew either wrote essays of stories that called attention to the systems.

The second lecture yesterday was about the Abolition of Slavery in Britain. Dr. Chapman started this lecture explaining that slavery is still well and kicking in the world today. It’s only been exterminated in the sphere of western influence. Before it was abolished a person could make a killing in the salve trade. You could take about 400 slaves per Atlantic crossing, and you could fetch 70 GB pounds per person. Even if 25% died before touching land again you could still make bank. How that road to abolition started was by chance. A man named John Strong had escaped from the ship he had been bought for. He was beaten within an inch of his life and was found  by Dr. William Sharp. Technically when John stepped foot on British soil he was a free man. Together with Mr. Granville Sharp, William’s  lawyer brother, a case is made to set John free. The case was seen by Lord Chancellor Mansfield in 1772 and it was decided that “no man can own another on
British soil.” For the rest of the story on how it was abolished you can watch the 2006 movie Amazing Grace.

I can’t remember what we had for lunch. See, I told you I’d forget something. Oh well. After lunch however, Aimee and I went out with what seems to be our larger hangout group. there are five of us all together. One of the others had heard that you could get a free cone at Ben and Jerry’s yesterday. The five of us popped in for a scoop. I got the chocolate and peanut cup. It was good.

Once the ice cream was eaten, Aimee and I went back to the Ashmolean. I didn’t have my camera with me sadly. But there was more stuff in that place than one could see in three days. Tuesday we just wondered around the areas we hadn’t seen the first day. I stopped at a couple places in the Japanese collections, but I didn’t read most of the plaques that accompanied the displays.

After the Ashmolean we wondered around the shopping street. We went into a couple of the University shops and the Blackwell Art and Poster shop. Aimee got a couple things yesterday from the University shops. I found a shirt that was really cute, but talked my self out of. it was 1005 cotton and just barely fit my shoulders. I did however pick up a birthday gift for my sister. Not going to say what though. I know she won’t be reading this but, i still want to keep it a surprise. I also spotted a possible gift to get my brother. But I didn’t buy it yesterday.

From these shops, we went to Tesco. Tesco seems to be getting a lot of my money. That’s it Tesco is the Walmart of Great Britain. Not because they have everything, but because they can easily eat your money. Both Aimee and I bought a carton of Juice. I got an apple raspberry, Aimee an Orange Juice.

This pretty much summed it up

This pretty much summed it up

We got back to Wycliffe just in time for dinner. It was a noodle dish, but I can’t remember what else we had with it. I do remember feeling sick as I was eating. and as I climbed the steps back to our room I decided to just got to be early.




Today I felt a little better. Breakfast this morning was watery scrambled eggs so i had two pieces with Cadbery chocolate spread, and the usual applesauce and OJ. I did take a short nap after breakfast this morning, I’ll admit.

Class today started at 10 am. Our first lecture was about Florence Nightingale and her contributions to modern nursing. Nightingale is also known as the “lady with the Lamp” as she would walk up and down the bed of sick in the Sctari Hospital around 1854. Dr. Chapman described her life in some detain, touching one briefly on two other people who helped to modernize nursing. The other two people were Mary Seacole and Dr. James Miranda Barry.

Right after the first lecture we had the second. This one was about what the Victorians did for fun. Dr. Chapman covered the written word, Theater, Music, and games and sports. He brought in a little personal history telling stories of his mum and grandmum and what they did for fun. He even sang a  few lines of ballads for us and told an overview of the play “Maria Martin and the murder at the red barn (1828)

Lunch today was spaghetti and Italian meatballs. It was really good and I cleaned my plate. Because Aimee seemed worse today that she was yesterday, she decided to stay at Wycliffe and rest. I went shopping with two girls from our larger group. We went to Blackwells and I think all three of us bought Dr. Chapman’s book “Slaying the Dragons.” I say I think, because I wondered away to try and find one of Nigel Frith’s books. So far the two places I’ve checked haven’t had any. When I got back I couldn’t find the two girls I had come with. So, I struck out on my own for the first time since being in Oxford.

I walked the streets with a smile on my face, it was sunny and warm today. Not to mention, I didn’t feel the need to be afraid of the people around me. I didn’t feel the need to be on guard from creeps. If I was back in the states I never would have gone shopping on my own. My brother can testify to this, if I go to Walmart, he goes as my body guard… though with how gangly he is it looks more like I would be protecting him. But I digress.

I went back to the University shops that Aimee and I went to yesterday. I bought that shirt I had talked myself out of and another for either mom or my sister. I picked up the gift idea for my brother and something for mom and dad for their new house. Hope everyone likes what I’m getting them. Now I just have to figure out what to get my sister, she’s the hardest to buy for. I’ve seen some British beanie boos with British flag shirts, I think I might get her one of those… or not, she doesn’t need another doll that’s going to collect dust. She hasn’t done anything with the doll I brought back from Peru… I’ll have to think on this more.

Coming back to Wycliffe I dropped my bags on the floor and went to dinner. Aimee was feeling a bit better after her day of napping, and dinner really helped. I think dinner was curry, or something like it. A rice dish covered by a spicy sauce with chicken chunks. The spice cleaned out her nose and she could breath for a little bit. After dinner Aimee, I and three others went to get Cadberry cream egg Mcflurries from McDonalds. They weren’t as good as I thought they would be. All it was, was a cup of white ice cream with large chocolate flakes and drizzled caramel sauce; not stirred up or anything. Give me a blizzard any day.

So that was my two for one. Tomorrow, sick or not, we are going to do the girly thing and go to the mall. Night all.


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Reverend Thomas Malthus:

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Dr. William Sharp:

Mr. Granville Sharp:

Amazing Grace (watch):                                    

Blackwell Art and Poster Shop:

Florence Nightingale:        

Mary Seacole:

Dr. James Miranda Barry:

Maria Martin and the Murder at the Red Barn:


Slaying the Dragons:

Nigel Frith’s Books:

Cadberry cream egg Mcflurrie:

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