A castle and no more books T~T

Last night had been fun, but today is its own day. Breakfast this morning was an egg ,  a piece of bacon, a bowl of applesauce and a glass of OJ.

Thankfully I didn’t have a class right after breakfast.Dr. Frith was being kind to bump back his class back from 8:45 to 10:00. We got our quizzes back from last week. Mine had a smiley face with teeth and a score of 8.75 out of 10. Not too bad. Today we talked about the first couple of book in the Iliad.  On the quiz the first question was something about who was leading the Greeks in the Trojan war. He asked for the patronymic name for the character, which no one knew. The answer: Agamemnon Atreus.  Nigel also broke down the action that takes place in book 9.

The book is roughly 700 lines in length. The first 100 or so is the prelude. Then you get the embassy to Achilles. Odysseus speaks to Achilles first saying that Agi (Agamemnon) will give him all this wealth and he’ll even give the girl back to him with the promise that he didn’t touch her. I’d be surprised if nothing happened to the girl between the time she was taken from Achilles by Agi. Achilles of course says no. Then they play their  trump card, the man who raised Achilles: Phoenix.

Phoenix tells a story of Achilles being a kid in Phoenix’s house and tries to appeal to him that way. Achilles still say no and that’s final. The others realize that it’s hopeless ad leave Achilles in his mood.

Once that class was done I went back upstairs and, yep you guessed it, crashed back into bed. Hey this time its justified. We didn’t get back from Stratford until midnight and then of course I posted to this lovely blog. as you can guess this took me a little time. If I write up the post, do the links and then add pictures, it takes me about three hours to do the post. I didn’t go to bed until almost three am.

My next class was the field trip lecture for tomorrow with Dr. Chapman. Tomorrow we are going to that famous circle of stones in England: Stonehenge. but Stonehenge is actually one of three places that we will be visiting. The first will be Avebury, a place with a circle of stone that is even older than Stonehenge. The holes that these stones are placed in were carbon dated to about 3,000 B.C which puts it in the Neolithic time period. Stonehenge also fall into this time period.

After Avebury we will go to Stonehenge. Dr. Chapman said the reason we didn’t go there the first week of Eurosping, was because it fell directly on the spring equinox. “When all the crazies come out of the wood work, and the roads would have been packed with people.” Avebury may be the older of the stone circles,but Stonehenge is the biggest. This site has been changed over time, and is known for it Astrological Alignment.

The last place we are going tomorrow is Salisbury Cathedral. It was built in 1230. They believe it took 35- 40 years to build. When you see the pictures in tomorrow’s post you’ll see why they think it took so long.

Once class was done a group of us went to Oxford castle. Compared to other castles I’ve seen and their crypts I wasn’t all that impressed with it. It cost 7.55 pounds to get in and we got a guided tour of the oldest building in Oxford. In the past 20 years or so they found that the main tower predated the Norman Invasion of 1066. We went up 101 steps to the tops of the tower where we could see 6 miles in all directions. Take away all the modern buildings and you had the same view as at the start of Oxford. From the tower we went down into the Crypt. More like an underground room with six pillars and nothing really to look at. I didn’t even get the feeling like I shouldn’t have been there.

After the crypt we went back up to the area of the castle that had been converted into jail cells. Before the Victorian reign people wanted to go to prison. You got food and drink and your slop jar emptied twice a day, a change of clothes and a bath once a week or so, and you worked for a wage. When Queen Victoria took the throne she changed what prison was like. torture was used to make the stay in prison not so much fun. The youngest people to stay in the prison was a 7 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Supposedly those ages were old enough for the children to learn to do wrong. So glad this isn’t the system there is today. However the taking of mug shots, finger printing, writing the name, crime and then punishment of a person did come from this time period.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once the disappointing(ish) castle was behind us our group split up. Aimee and I went to the West-gate Shopping Center. there we found the store that everyone was finding killer deals at. If I wore skirts there was a nice one that I’m tempted to get. After wandering around the store we walked around the rest of the shopping center and guess what. I found Yarn in two different places. the first was a place called Pound world, a dollar store if you will. I didn’t get any there though. The second place was called the works. It was a craft, book and activities for kids kinda store. The yarn here looks to be about a size 1 and comes in 100 gram balls. I got a sea foam green ball along with two more books. I know right. I’m in England and I’m buying books a souvenirs. One book is about knitting (which I’m not all that good at) and Son of A Witch by Gregory Maguire, squeal to Wicked. By my calculations I will be returning to the States with 9 new books. No more book T~T not if I want to make it past security.

When we got back to wycliffe it was pretty close to dinner. Dinner tonight was two sausages under a red sauce, potatoes and peas. I cleaned my plate. guess shopping made me hungry. After dinner Aimee and I planned out our last week in England. its hard to believe that there are only 14 days left in this trip. the time went so fast. i know I’m not going to get to do everything I hoped, but it will give me a reason to return here someday.

Well you already heard the plans for tomorrow, so I’m going to call it a night here. Night all.


In case you missed the Links:

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Son of A Witch: http://gregorymaguire.com/books/sonofawitch.html

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