shakespearean freakout part 2!

It’s Shakespeare day! If you know me at all you can just picture me bouncing up and down like a kid in a candy shop. And to start things off, there was no real classes today.

Aimee and I slept in till around 10 am, a nice change from the 8 am regiment. I had some mini doughnuts left over and shared them with Aimee for breakfast. We did have one class at 11 and that was a field trip lecture. Dr. Chapman likes to give up the general history and interesting things about the area that we are going to.

Notes to be posted later.

Right after the lecture we hopped on the bus to Stratford on Avon. First we walked through the home a gardens of Anne Hathaway. The Hathaway family had lived in the house for 400 years. When Anne lived in it, there was only two rooms to the house. Her brother extended it to the 12 room house that you can see today. When you walk into the house you are greeted by a very knowledgeable woman who makes links from every day occurrences in Anne’s day with sayings we have today.


After her initial greeting, you are free to walk about the house. You can see the bench where Anne and William supposedly canoodled, the bed where their children were born and where Anne and William eventually died. I would love to go back to Anne’s gardens when all the flowers are in bloom. The area already has a peaceful romantic feel to it but in full bloom… *Swoons*

Ok, maybe I didn’t swoon, but I was very giddy in the gift shop. At first I didn’t know what to get from here, but eventually I decided to get two books and a mug. The first book is a dictionary of Idioms and their origins. The second has to do with the Shakespearean meaning behind flowers. The mug has insults from Shakespeare’s plays. Better the one with the insults than the love quotes. Well, there was one love quote that I did like, “love is the means of madness.” All the others were truly sappy.

After visiting Anne’s cottage we drove into the city proper and went on a walking tour around the town. Dr. Chapman showed us where the RSC, Royal Shakespeare Company, not to be confused with the Reduced Shakespeare Company , theater was, also where they think William went to school and where the house that he was born in once stood. The house is no longer there, because the later owners of the house got so sick of the traffic that they tore down the house and moved away.

We also stopped at the  Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare and his family were buried. The Shakespeares weren’t the most famous people to be buried in the church. A prominent family, the Cloptons, had the most extravagant tomb in the church.

After all of this we were set loose on the town, not that it was a very big town. Aimee and I went with three others to a pub called the Dirty Duck for dinner. They all got the Fish and chips while I got a burger. I know, a very american thing to do. But nothing else sounded good and burgers are relatively safe. You can’t mess a burger up too badly. One of the girls was really nice and let us finish off her chocolate dessert. It was to die for. So if you aver have the chance to go to Stratford on Avon, eat at the Dirty Duck. its about a block away from the RSC theater.

Once dinner was done the five of us went back to the RSC theater. On the ground floor they had a gift shop and there were also exhibits stationed throughout the building. I didn’t get a good chance to look at the exhibits, but i spent a lot of time in the gift shop. I must have walked around the displays five to six times before I actually bought something.

“Well why didn’t you buy a copy of a play?”

I would have done that, but I already own a Shakespeare bible with all of his sonnets and plays in it. There was a dvd box set that had King Richard and the Henryiad in it. I was going to get that, but then found out that the disks wouldn’t have played in the states. Can’t tell you how disappointed I was at this. There were also manga versions of some of his more popular plays and I thought about getting some of them. Some how I talked myself out of this one. In the end I bought a program for that night’s play, King Henry IV part 1, a mug and coaster with a line from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. “Though she be Little she is fierce.” I think that line fits me fairly well.

For the play we were all in the nose bleed section in the Upper Circle. We were in the top most three rows, but we could still see all the action, and who was starting to bald… The play was produced with line done after the great vowel change, which I think helped my classmates not be as lost. They still got lost with the language and all the subplots, but when it came to battle scenes I think that all knew what was going on.  I really enjoyed the play, however I don’t think any new Shakespeare fans were made of my classmates tonight. Oh well, their loss.

Tomorrow it think Aimee and I might go shopping, I’m still looking for a yarn shop in this country, or we might check out the Pitt Rivers Museum. Either way I have two classes tomorrow and Aimee has one. Only tomorrow knows how it will unfold. Until then, Later.

P.S pictures from today will be added later with the lecture notes.

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4 thoughts on “shakespearean freakout part 2!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re having fun so far. That mug sounds amazing! It would have been hard not buying everything in that gift shop. I don’t know how you resisted buying the manga!

    • I’m surprised myself. Maybe it was because I had already read the plays in swains class and liked the version I played in my head.

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