Little green man says, Ice cream

Not a bad morning. Got up with my alarm at 8 am and was out the door for breakfast before Aimee had motivated. I’m rather proud of myself for that, I was up late again last night.

Breakfast this morning was a bowl of cereal, two pieces of toast one with butter the other with an orange marmalade, and a glass of OJ. The marmalade was interesting, and took some getting used to, other than that it was good. I bet you can guess what i did after breakfast. I took a nap/ went back to bed after reading a little bit more from the Crimson Crown. Hey I didn’t have class until 11:30. Not to mention I’m not a morning person, anything before 10 am is considered an “ungodly hour’ to me.

I had three classes today, two by  Dr. Chapman and one by Dr. Plaskitt. The first of Dr. Chapman’s lecture dealt with education in general. I learned that the English have a different system of school that the American’s but they are similar.

  • English Public school is the same as the American Private school
  • American Private school is called State School in England
  • The sport of Rugby was the idea of Reverend Dr. Thomas Arnold to give the boys at the school to take the violent intent of the boys and channel it, also to wear them out.

There was a break for lunch before my next class. today it was breaded fish fillet with french fries and peas. For dessert there was a brownie. I ate all the fish and ate as much as I could of the fries and almost all the peas. Of course I ate the brownie. Who would down dessert? Well, I might if it was some kind of jello…

Dr. Plaskitt’s class was after lunch. She tells her students to call her Emma, her first name, but I can’t at least not here. Maybe I would if I ever have to talk to her for class. today we talked about Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bronte. I didn’t feel so stupid today, I actually knew what they were talking about. Thank you to the British and World Prose class that I took the fall semester. In the Prose class we spent a lot of time going over Jane Eyre and her author.

I learned that the Bronte family was originally from Ireland and that Patrick Bronte altered the name a bit because of the prejudice against the Irish at the time. I also learned about one element that Charlotte used in her writing.  its called the Byronic hero: mad, bad and dangerous to know. An example of this type of character is Rochester. He is repentant for his past but still is the “bad boy.”

My final class was with Dr. Chapman again. this lecture still dealt with education but it was more specific in dealing with Oxford, Cambridge and the new universities. I’ll add more descriptive notes from all of today’s classes later, but from this lecture I learned the following:

  • The three oldest colleges in Oxford are; Merton (1250), Balliol (1250) and University (900)
  • Schools of science didn’t appear until 1855
  • we got the semester system from the Scottish colleges

Once classes were all done for the day I went back up to our room and finished the Crimson Crown for the second time. There are just some books that after a while you can go back and read them. The whole seven realm series is one of those. now I have to figure out what next to read. Im debating between Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon and  Daughter of the forest by Juliet  Marillier. Both of these writers I talked about in the Post “What do you read, my lady?” When I finished the book i had time enough for a 30  minute nap. Can you tell that I like my sleep?

Dinner tonight was a noodle dish with bits of chicken and peas in a white sauce. They also gave us corn and broccoli. I’m not a broccoli fan but I ate everything else.  During dinner there was talk about going out for Ice cream. I was so in.

All of us that were going for ice cream met in the lobby around 7:20. we walked to a place not far from Wycliffe call G&D Cafe. To get there we had to cross a street or two and before we left for this trip we had been warned about the traffic. Here they drive on the other side of the road and a car can come up from nowhere and you’ll be street pizza. Because of this our teacher almost pleaded with us to look both ways or to wait for the little green man in the cross walk to tell us if it is safe to cross. So when I come to a cross walk,  push the button and wait for the signal I say “Little green man says go” when it appears.

The G&D Cafe is a neat little place and was described by a local as The place for Ice cream in the city. All of their ice cream is made right there in the basement of the cafe. And they have some interesting flavors. I got a cone with three scoops of one called “After Midnight.” It was a chocolate Ice cream with a taste of mint to it. I really liked it. Not just for the taste but i was actually able to eat it, normally ice cream hurts to eat.

Once the ice cream had been eaten most of us headed by to Wycliffe. Some went to Tesco and I went for a walk with another classmate/ co-worker. We went around the block. There was this bird in a tree that sounded very happy, it kept singing the same thing over and over; no one else joined in his song.

I’m looking for to tomorrow. We have our field trip to Stratford upon Avon, the home of Shakespeare. English Major heaven. If you don’t believe how excited I am about going there, go back and read, “Shakespearean Freakout.”  Untill tomorrow, Night all.


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