Is Tuesday the new day of rest?

Sleeping in one’s own bed, there’s nothing like it. I’m not sure when it started, but Oxford now feels like home. Granted there is something in England that I’m allergic to, organic wise, but other than that home is good.

This morning it got up to my own alarm at 8 am. I’m glad I got up when I did, because Wycliffe has a nasty habit of having a fire alarm go off at 8:05 every Tuesday morning. If I hadn’t been awake already I would have jumped awake. Breakfast this morning was a a chocolate filled crescent, a little bowl of applesauce and a glass of OJ.

I didn’t have class until 11:30, so I went back to bed. Well, first I unpacked my backpack from our trip to Ireland. There was more stuff jammed in there than I thought. There was three days worth of clothes, souvenirs, maps and bills of sale from all the shops that I visited. After organizing all of this I crashed for two hours.

Today Dr. Chapman talked about the “Demon of Disease”in his first lecture of the day. Small pox was  one topic talked about, What it was, what the survival rate was of it and finally how it was eradicated from the earth and who helped to do that. The second lecture dealt with the health of the spirit, mind and soul. Religion. We talked about the English State church and how it separated from the Roman Catholics under King Henry VIII. We also covered how it became unable to reach the common folk and who helped to bridge the gap.

Right after that it was lunch time. Today it was a lamp and potato “pie”, more like a hotdish really, green beans, cabbage and for dessert a raspberry strawberry jello thing. I passed on eating the dessert and the cabbage, but ate every thing else. The breading on the pie/hotdish was the best part.

Both Aimee and I were done with classes after lunch. While I waited for her to finish writing her post cards I read The Crimson Crown on my Ipad. When she finished we went on a walk to the post office and then to Tesco. Tesco  seems to be getting a lot of my money… At Tesco I bought two multi packs of tea, a multi-pack of candy bars for my family to try back home, a container of mini frosted doughnuts, and a little liquid laundry soap.

Today was a household chores day as well as a rest day. Laundry from the Ireland trip needed to be done and I wasn’t going to spend money to wash what could be done by hand. I also wasn’t going to wash my clothes in dish soap pinched from the floors small kitchen. My jeans, sweatshirt and pink blanket did get washed in a machine for 1.40 pounds. I would have paid a pound to dry them in the drier if someone hadn’t done three cycles of drying.

A little rant here, but this has been bugging me. If a person has been coming to Wycliffe for how many years in the past, wouldn’t you expect them to know how to use the laundry room? Guess this guy didn’t. This person switched their clothes from the washer to the drier with me following shortly behind to take the washer. 40 minutes pass and the driers only go for 32 minutes at max. When I came to switch my stuff both driers were still going. I wait got one to get done and the person I saw earlier comes in some time later and opens their drier. Theirs clothes are still wet. They apologize adn then say that they have to do another round of drying: round three. In most cases you would have taken your clothes and let some one else have one round at the drier and then go on to your third, but what ever. All my wet clothes are hanging on the shelves above the desk I’m working at. Maybe in a day or two they will be dry enough to wear. Rant done.

Dinner tonight was rice topped with a stew, potatoes and cauliflower, a round piece of garlic bread and a rhubarb crisp for dinner. I ate everything but the cauliflower. Sorry mom. After dinner Aimee and I have been just chilling in our room. Most of our classmates have gone out drinking for the time being so things are quiet. I have broken into my bottle of   Bulmers Cider: Bold Black Cherry. Its not bad, It doesn’t taste like medicine.  Aimee and I are also sharing and sampling  the multi-pack of candy that I’m bring home. I wont put my reactions here, so that my family, who is reading this, wont have anything to base their opinions on.

Tomorrow, depending on how we feel after class, Aimee and I might check out the American mall and some other shops. but only time will tell what the plan of the day will be. With that check back later to see what we decided to do.


In case you missed the Links:


English State Church:                  

Roman Catholics:

King Henry VIII:

Crimson Crown:

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