london eye and back home again

I am so glad that we decided to get a hotel for our last night in Ireland. This is a bit of a repeat from yesterday’s plats, but getting to soak in a tub and then sleep in a clean bed is awesome. So this morning we felt feather refreshedish, I add the ish part to that because three days of almost nonstop touring isn’t made up with one night of good sleep.

So this morning we skipped the breakfast offered that the hotel and hopped on the shuttle to the airport. Once we got our boarding passes, we stopped at a spar store and bought breakfast. I got a cinnamon roll and a banana, I still had. My juice left over from yesterday. To use up the last of my euros I bought three post cards with pictures of places we had been during our trip.

After going through security in a couple different countries now, I’ve come to realize that the Americans are very paranoid. Granted they have a good reason after 9/11, but it still seems a bit much compared to other countries. Once we were through security I looked around the shops looking for last minute items to take back with me. Thankfully I didn’t get anything more on this trip. My heavy backpack was killing me as we walked around London today.

Our puddle jumper from Dublin to London took about an hour. When we landed we tried to take the Oxford tube into the city center, but soon realized that those busses didn’t make those types of trips. After sitting around trying to figure out where all the things we wanted to do we located, to hopped on the subway to the city center.
When we got there we walked to the London eye and took a ride. We had found a deal online where you could ride the eye once during the day and once again at night. Let me say right now that the night run was better than the day.

During the day the waiting line was very long and we were placed in a pod with a group of middle schoolers that were very noisy and annoying really. Our second run had almost no line and there were only eight other people in the pod with us. There was more room to move around and not nearly as noisy. So let this be a helpful hint, if you plan to visit the London eye go around 7-8 at night. The city will have its colored lights on and there will be more to see on the 30 minute rotation.

Between rides on the eye we walked through two parks on our way to the worlds first hardrock cafe. Before eating I bought a tshirt from the rock shop which was right across the street. It was cool to eat in there, but there was a healthy taste to everything. I bet in America the stuff is fantastic. I’ll come back and tell more of this part later, it’s really late here right now.

So you already know that I liked the second round of the eye better. After that round we walked to Victoria bus station, hopped a Oxford tube and made it back safe and sound. That’s all there is to it.

Tomorrow the regular routine returns with classes and such. I think I’m ready to buckle down and study now. Maybe…

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