let the fun begin, sort of

Hello, just as a warning things might be a litte different in the format of these posts. I don’t have my laptop and will be posting all posts for the Ireland trip from the wordpress ipad app.  The grammer may be missing, capital letters and punctuation incorrect and there will be little if no pictures. I will be taking pictures and will add then to the posts later

This is the day that we start our adventure to Ireland. Aimee woke me up this morning, again I slept through the alarms. breakfast was a crescent roll and a glass of orange juice. I had class right after breakfast and was almost late.

Nigel likes to start out class with a quiz. Ten questions, five about Aladdin and the other five about Sinbad the sailor and Sinbad the porter. The first question he asks: What was the name of Aladdins princess? my answer, “oh crap, well not Jasmin.” the rest I think  did ok on. He spent the rest of the class talking about who conqured who and how things connected with each other. For next week, he assigned The Iliad books 1-2 & 6-9. Once again, I am so glad that I’ve already read this stuff. This class makes me feel semi smart, compared to my 19th century women novelist class.

I had a break between Nigel and Chapman’s classes. For all good intentions I had wanted to pack for our Ireland trip, but my body was screaming for a nap. Either that or a “spot of tea.” Those words actually came out of my mouth today. well, I guess when in Oxford, do as the Oxfordians. is that even a real word?

The nap helped a little, I managed to stay awake for the first of Chapman’s classes, with the help of a cup of Crips apple tea. Today we talked first about the rail way revolution and how trains changed history in a 60 year time span. Before this class started we got the word that there had been an accident in the kitchen and there wouldn’t be lunch today. Once Chapman’s first class was done, I and two others went to buy food in the market. I got a meal deal again at Tesco and talked one of the girls to do the same thing. The third member of our little group was set on getting Mcdonnalds and told us to meet her there if we got done first. Well, we did that. We walked all the way to the other end of the street, didn’t see her, wondered the street for her, because she didn’t have a key to get back into Wycliffe, and then walked back. Needless to say, she got back before us and we had to eat our lunch while Dr. Chapman was talking. It felt rude to do so, but hey, I was hungry.

The second lecture was about how agriculture evolved too during this time. ill some how get his doodles in here along with the rest of the notes i took. but things like the turnip, selective breeding, machinery and one other thing that I’m blanking on right now.

Aimee got a bit of interesting news. Her art and architecture class that was meant to meet right after Chapman’s had been cancelled due to a family emergency. During the time she would have had class, Aimee took at least a 2 hour nap. I packed my bag, fixed my funky SD card, I hope, and caught a short nap.

Dinner tonight was a square piece of Hawaiian pizza with french fries. After dinner Aimee and I left Wycliffe with the four other girls that we went to London with on Sunday. We caught a bus from the station that  had a slightly cranky driver. He dropped us off at the Heathrow bus station, probably happy to get rid of us. From there we caught another bus from the airport to a stop not far from out hotel. Tonight we are staying in the Ibis hotel.

I know this is another short post, but we have to check out of here by 3:30 if we want to catch the free bus back to the airport tomorrow. Like I said, let the fun begin!

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