Wicked, Tea and French Fries

This is going to be a brief post tonight, sorry. It’s already 1:20 and I just got started. Not to mention I have a class right away in the morning and it would help if I was awake for it. I will come back later and elaborate.

Almost slept through Aimee’s alarm again. I’m finding it funny that I can sleep through five alarms that are “loud and annoying.” But that seems to be the case. Got to bed around 2:ooish last night and was up again at 8:00 go me who loves her sleep.

Breakfast was peanut spread toast, a bite of some water logged scrambled eggs and a glass of OJ. I think I must have curled up after breakfast because I can’t remember what I did once I was done eating.

We had two lessons with Dr. Chapman today. One dealing with steam engine power and those who had a hand in it, and the second dealt with the cotton mills and the culture that surrounded them. This time Chapman was telling his own history. His mother was named Lilly Platt before she married. She was a descendant of John Platt who had his hands in the business of the Textiles coming from Manchester. Growing up as a kid, Dr. Chapman lived in one of the original houses that the mill workers lived in 200 years ago. Even in the 1950 the houses had multiple generations living in four rooms, with an outhouse across the open lawn and no electricity. Dr. Chapman literally “grew up by candle light” to use his own words.

It was today that I decided to try hot tea for the first time. Until recnetly I thought tea was just really diluted flavor water that tasted pretty nasty. The first tea I tried was just that… nasty. However I gave it one more shot with a different kind and this time added two packets of sugar to it. The sugar definitely helped.

Once classes were done for the day Aimee and I headed off to London to catch a showing of Wicked the musical. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!

Oh and french fries, seeing how Aimee and I had some spare time beofre the show we stopped at the Mcdonnals in the Victoria station for some food. I just got a pop and fries. They weren’t as salty as those back home and could have been done a little longer. But I’m no food critic.

See very short.

The next couple of days could be just as short as this one. Starting tomorrow night I will be on our travel break and will either be heading to, in or returning from adventures in Ireland. I intend to bring something to post with while I’m over there and will take plenty of pictures. Scouts honor for what its worth (I was only a scout for a year.)

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