Monday, the new day of rest

And today was just that, a day of rest. There won’t be much said in this post, but I feel like it should still have it,s events told.

Woke up this morning still feeling a little sick. Nose is still stuffed and the cough that started yesterday is more productive today. Now when I cough, phlegm comes up. Needless to say that between the postnasal drip and the coughed up phlegm, I wasn’t all that hungry today. But I still ate all three meals today… just less than what I normally would.

Breakfast today was a hard boiled egg.  I don’t know how to eat one of those, so I opted for a piece of peanut “spread“, not butter, toast, a bowl of applesauce and two glasses of OJ. During this time our teacher David Smith was quietly doing a head count of his students and hearing how they spent their Sunday. As it turned out most of our classmates went to London yesterday. Most of them did more than my group,but there are other days to go explore the city. One person even went to a service in Westminster.

After breakfast, Aimee and I went back up stairs. We had an hour or so before Dr. Chapman would give his lecture. She watched a movie and I took a short nap. There are other kids looking just as miserable if not worse than me so I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

Today, Dr. Chapman spoke about two men who greatly influenced the Enlightenment era of the 19th century. These were military men who together help to bring down Napoleon. The first guy was a navel officer by the name of Haratio Nelson. The other an army general named Arthur Wellesley, later known as the Duke of Wellington. I’ll add more of my notes on this lecture to a different post down the road. This however will be enough to get the general idea.

We had lunch after that. There was cauliflower, green beans, and what I’m going to call a sloppy joe pot pie. Sorry Mom, I didn’t eat the Cauliflower. But I made it past half of the green beans that wanted to choke me. The pot pie things were good and hot. There was a flaky crust over the meat and sauce. I liked it a lot. Downed two and a half glasses of water at lunch.

After lunch, you guessed it, another nap. This one was on and off until dinner. I can’t tell you how many glasses of water I drank through out the day. But there is good news: I could breath out of both my nostrils as we went down to dinner.

Which as we found out is served at 6:00 pm on Mondays. It would have been horrible if we had missed dinner. The server told us the news as he handed us plates that had been sitting under the heat lamps. Dinner tonight was a pasta shaped like large shells, strips of red peppers, mushrooms and large chunks of ham (I think?)  We were also give a slice of garlic toast. I ate all the pasta shells and the bread. the meat chunks made my teeth hurt, but I ate half of those.

The fact that registration for Fall 2014 classes is going on right now caught me off guard today. I looked at the classes offered, picked out a couple and emailed my adviser. Hopefully she will give me my code so I can get the classes I need.

After dinner I watched a few more episodes of Sanctuary and got to FaceTime my Mom,Sister, Brother and Grandparents who were visiting. It was good to see them. Aimee and I also went on an adventure to find the laundry room. We thwarted by a closed door and no way to open it. The mission shall continue for the laundry room and clean clothes tomorrow.

So as you can see, not a whole lot of anything went on today. But sometimes the best days are the ones where you don’t do anything. Tomorrow the fun will resume it’s fast pace with a trip to the Ashmolean Museum, the conquering of the Laundry room and what ever other shenanigans we find our selves in. Good night all, I hear my pillow calling my name.


In case you missed the Links:

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Haratio Nelson:

Arthur Wellesley:

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