Project Proposal

Title of Project

Euro Spring Experience

Email and URL for Project

Email: Ashley @ BSU

Executive Description

Using the same blog, I will be writing/journaling about my experiences in Oxford and London England, and Dublin Ireland. I will post to the blog more then four times a week with each day recounting the events from that day along with outside links for more information.


Continuing use of my Surviving Freetime blog, I plan to journal my daily experiences while I am on the Euro Spring 2014 trip through Bemidji State. By using the same blog I hope to grow my followers and expand on the idea of surviving free time. I also want to see if readers will comment on some subject matter rather than just reading it.

For the first week of this project I have already started on the first few days in Oxford England. Posts will include descriptions of meals eaten, Pictures of notes taken in that day’s classes and intro to the class’s subject matter, A map of where I explored and other tidbits I find interesting and share worthy.

The following four weeks will look similar to the first in format. However there will be four days were I will be applying the format to a Travel Break to Ireland. (Friday March 28th- Monday March 31st)

Weekly Reports

Check Here: Surviving Free Time My Way

Contract for Grade

  1. I intend to blog once a day with posts for every day of the trip. In these posts I will talk about my daily experiences, show pictures of places I visited and things I saw along with links to outside sources as needed. I expect these posts to be no shorter than 700 words.
  2. There will be one final post at the end of this trip wrapping everything up, sharing personal thoughts, observations and “I wish I had…s.” I hope to have this posted by Saturday April 20th.
  3. My goal is to shoot for 250 pts. However seeing how this is not as focused as it could be I hope to not fall below the B range.
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