First full day and my legs hurt

I so didn’t want to get up this morning. The roommate’s alarm went off twice and twice we shut it off and rolled back over. Thankfully Wycliffe has a weekly fire alarm that goes off on Wednesdays, at 8 am. All the same we both got up, got dressed and went down to breakfast. This morning it was a crescent roll (mine had a chocolate filling), a glass of orange juice and a few bites of what I thought was yogurt. If it was yogurt it was the worst tasting yogurt I’ve ever had. It had a sour flavor… American Yogurt isn’t sour… maybe it wasn’t yogurt but sour cream? But why would they put sour cream next to breakfast cereals and granola?

Today, being the first official day of Euro Spring, was also the first day of classes. There were only two today and they started at 10 am. Dr. Chapman did two lectures; the first about the time before the Reign of King George the 3rd. The second was about the French Revolution. I have more notes about King George than I do about the revolution.

Lunch was spaghetti with lamb as the meat in the sauce, cooked green beans, garlic toast and a rhubarb crisp for dessert. Again mom, I ate all my greens. I couldn’t finish all the spaghetti but I tried the crisp. It didn’t leave as big of a tart tingle in my jaw as the Rhubarb crisps back home and this one wasn’t nearly as sweet.

I walked the red line today

I walked the red line today

These still exist

The day was ours after lunch. My roommate and I spent it walking around Oxford. We exchanged money, did some shopping and sight seeing. Before we got to the shopping street we strolled around taking pictures of what ever caught our fancy. This city has such amazing architecture that a photographer could spend a year just taking pictures of doors and gates and still have plenty of Muse. I wanted to take a picture of the red phone booth, so I got one. I thought phone booths went extinct with the invention of the cell phone.

Curiosity caught me as we were walking past St. John’s College on our way to the shopping street. I popped my head in fist and eventually my roommate followed.

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The exchange rate today is 1.6 American Dollars to 1 English Pound. Both of us stopped into an Oxford outfitter type store called the Oxford Blue Four. In the back they had a sale for two hooded sweatshirts for 25 pounds. There was this really nice dark purple one with embroidered Oxford University letters and a coat of arms thingy. After trying and failing to talk the roommate to get one so we could get the deal I bought a navy blue hoodie with dark pink letters and coat of arms instead. I also got three post cards which I plan to send home once a week starting next week. The hoodie and post cards cost me 23.50 Pounds, which is roughly 47$.

Please let this charge but not fry my computer

Please let this charge but not fry my computer

When we ducked into a mall of sorts I solved my adapter problem. I call it a mall of sorts because all the shops were in one place but it didn’t have the same feel that the american mall has. Think of it more as a group of little shops in the shape of an H under a closed ceiling. The floor in the mall was the same as the street outside. There was even a little pigeon pecking at lunch in the “hallway.” As for fixing my adapter problem, the only shop I bought something from was called Pingui(?). The reason for the question mark is because there is no store name on my receipt. There were a lot of cute things inside, most of them looked like hand crafts. While looking around I found a “Eurosonic UK tourist Adaptor” for 3 pounds (6$). Now this is an adapter not a converter, but seeing how it has the three prong holes that I need I can only hope that I don’t fry my computer. After trying it once, my computer is still running and not smelling like burnt tech, so all is still good.

After the mall we continued to walk around oxford. we tried finding all the places Dr. Chapman took us to yesterday so we could take pictures on them today… we weren’t overly successful in finding all the places. We did however manage to find The Sheldonian Theatre which has a view of the whole city.

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Around 4:00 we started heading back to Wycliffe Hall. We took a back road which lead us from the Sheldonian Theatre to the big University parks behind Wycliffe. Dinner was served at 6:30 so that gave us a little time to put away our purchases and in my case try my adapter out, and relax again. Dinner was  cooked carrot strips with some type of garnish spice sprinkled on top, a brown sauce with steak cubes over a bed of white rice, and a peta bread thing with a garlic hint to it. Most of our classmates went out to the pubs tonight for dinner. I’ll have to do that soon. I want to check out the Bird and Baby.

Well the night is coming to an end. Tomorrow I have my first class with Nigel Firth. From what Dr. Chapman told us yesterday, Nigel is a morning person. I’m not a morning person unless I have to be, and then you better not try to talk  with me until I’ve been up for at least an hour. More on this subject tomorrow. Stay tuned.

In Case you missed the Links

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St. John College:’s_College,_Oxford

Sheldonian Theatre:

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