Pre-Flight Turbulence

Pre-flight what now? Turbulence, you know  the bumpy sections in flight. The hour count down has begun and as things get closer… I hit a bumpy patch.

Last night as I was doing my final check  and I realized that I was missing an all important travel letter. I searched in my room, went searching through the trash, thinking that I had accidentally tossed it, but didn’t find the letter. It hit me, after panicking a little, maybe I had left it in my notebook back at school. After texting my roommate who was doing homework in the Library, she went back to the room, found the notebook and the letter.

Thank God!

Now that I knew where it was, I made a flying trip back up to Bemidji to get the letter and drop off some stuff. I left my parents house at 8, got there by 10 and didn’t leave the school until 1:30…am.

What took you so long?

Well think about this, I had stuff to put in it’s proper place and this was my last chance to talk to my friends before leaving for a five week trip to England. So I put stuff away, laughed and talked with three different friends, and then headed back home. Mom was waiting on the couch for me when I got home at 3:30.

Love you Mom!

With the letter stashed with the rest of my travel papers, I think I’m ready to go. Dad will be dropping me off at the airport, where I will catch a 10:30 flight to London.

Packed and ready to go!

Packed and ready to go!


Starting tomorrow blog posts will be written and posted in Oxford England. Readers can expect a semi-informal travel journal of things I do and see. During this trip I will be using this blog to continue work for my Weblogs and Wiki class (En3117). Yep, I still have classes that will need my attention while I’m gallivanting around the UK.

See you in Oxford!


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