Wiki Web Collaboration

What a busy stress filled week. Glad its practically over. However because it was so stressful I was unable to do as much with this homework assignment as I had hoped.

I did however read the assigned material: Wiki Web Collaboration by Anja Ebersabach, Markus Glaser, Richard Heigl, and Alexander Warta.

I also started a page on my class wiki page called WikiOwnership. As far it looks like this:

The question

There is a question to consider when working with wikis, and that is the question of ownership. The authors of Wiki Web Collaboration 2nd Edition compare the web to a digital copy machine. “To whom do the texts and images belong to? When is a text a text? Who is legally responsible (453)?”

The scenario

With the ability for anyone to edit a wiki page it can be difficult over time to see who contributed what and how much of their original post is still visible. The starter of the page could fall into one of two categories: “You added to my work? Thanks man.” or “You messed with my perfect page, you scum.” Leaving the guy with the horrible attitude to sulk, let’s work with the example of the guy who was happy to have his work approved upon. Say the next person adds a picture they took to page the first started. Once that picture is posted on the Wiki does that picture cease to be owned by the taker? And if someone comes along later with another picture they think represents the page better and replaces the original with their own, does the original go back to its owner? Or does it still belong to the wiki even though it’s no longer viewable? Perhaps the owner of the text and pictures is a wiki itself.

The answer

The actual Wikipedia Ownership page clears up some of the confusion about who owns an article. As it turns out it is a common mistake to think that anyone person owns an article. “No one, no matter how skilled, or of how high standing in the community, has the right to act as though he or she is the owner of a particular article.”

I am going to try to get more of this completed before the weekly review on Monday night.

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