And I didnt burn the dorm down

This maybe nothing big but for me this is huge. Don’t judge me but I’ve lived a sheltered life. I still have trouble cutting my own stake. But tonight I’ve taken a step away from moms apron strings. I made hamburger helper all by myself. Pat on the back.

Wowowo you men to tell me that you are a twenty something, living in a dorm and this is the first time you cooked for yourself…!?

Way to be a killer for my joy, but sadly its true.  Sure I’ve made pizza, mac and cheese, and ramen. Can’t every college student do that? Normally a meal at lakeside (an À la carte cafe on campus) can be another meal for leftovers and hot-pockets are my friend. So I really haven’t had to cook for myself
So why the change? I’m trying to learn independence here. I’m going to graduate next spring so I should learn this stuff. Better late than never right?

You should have learned it sooner. Thank you for that train of though which I already know. But like I said very sheltered life. Tonight is a small step for everyone else, one giant leap for me.

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