Working on a wiki night 2

Tonight I commented and added to the discussion started by Anna Hamann. She posted:

That is a decent debate tactic, to parse the question. Interesting, though, because we should understand the adjective if we really understand the genre. They should be related (doesn’t mean they necessarily are, though, but that is a different discussion). When I think of the word ‘academic,’ I think first of an academic — stuffy, dry, tweed-wearing. Actually, I specifically think of an old philosophy professor I had, which leads me to …. an academic question. Which is theoretical and mostly useless and has lost relevance. The ‘academic’ I think we are going for here is anything relating to learning and the quest for knowledge at educational institutions. I was going to write university, but I think academic endeavors happen in educational settings outside of the university. But does ‘academic’ pertain to anything outside of institutionalized education?

Is academia only pertaining to university structures and pursuits? I do think only people involved in the university actually use the word ‘academia’

The fact is I think that when we hear the words AcademicWriting, we think of all of the above: stuffy, dry, tweedy theoretical writing of little relevance that happens in educational settings.

At least, I am pretty sure that is what my students think when they walk in. Am I wrong? I hope so. I think AcademicWritinghas a PR problem.

on Sunday 2/23 at 12:51

I commented:

I will agree with Anna that Academic writing has a PR problem and that I’ve only heard the word “academia” when it refers to schools. If we can we should try to distinguish between the two forms. Ashley J.

I also worked a little bit on the page that I made on Friday.

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