Where do you plan to go UPDATE

On February 3rd I shared that four my four day travel break for my Euro Spring trip I would be doing the following things…

Friday 28th Paris: Segway Tour, Night Seine River Cruse

Saturday 29th Cardiff: Dr. Who tour , City Hop on/off tour

Sunday 30Th Dublin: Cork and Blarny rail trip, Free night to explore

Monday 31st Dublin: Kilkenny city & Glendalough,  Dublin Gravedigger tour

Well… things have changed, three times that have changed.  This is what happens when you look for fun stuff and then try to fit them around flights and whatnot. Tip: Plan you flights first!! and then the fun stuff you plan to do at the place.

I just finished booking my fun stuff and am happy with how things turned out.

Firday 28th: Dublin just chilling and exploring on our own with a Dublin pass and traveling with a hop on/off tour thingy.

Saturday 29th: Dublin day 2. going on the Cork and Blarney rain trip for the day and that night we have the Grave Digger Ghost tour.

Sunday 30th: Dublin day 3. Kilkenny City and Glendalough castle day trip. When we get back my partner and I might just pretend to get “lost” and see where the Locals point us

Monday 31st: London. not sure what we’ll do this day,but it made no sense to fly into London and then take a two hour bus rise to Cardiff.

Although I am sad that I wont be doing the Segway tour in Paris or even going to Paris to start, I think this will be just as fun. don’t worry Dr. Who lovers I still plan to go to Cardiff and see and the Dr. Who sites. I’m just not sure when that’s going to be.

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