Mr. Bear’s new hat

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Its been awhile since I’ve done a crafty post and for that I apologize. This recent project gave me a bit of trouble. I ended up pulling this project 3-4 times before I finally managed to get it right.

This project was found once again on Youtube. The creator of this hat is The Crochet Zombie, and for all my problems with making this hat, the tutorial video was brilliant. In this case, my problems was in “crafter error.”


In the tutorial, Crochet zombie calls for a  5 mm hook. Being the college student that I am, I don’t have a 5 mm. I had a 4.25 mm and thought that would work alright. Ah, no. If the pattern calls for this size hook don’t go smaller if its for clothing. I ended up having problems with the yarn that I was using and the hat was very tight and honestly would have fit a small child. Not what I was going for. This was pull #1

Pull #s 2 and 3 were because I messed up on the increases and hiding the resting color. I didn’t even finish the bottom of the hat on these tries they were that bad.

So try 4 was the one that became Mr. Bear’s new hat. Gosh knows I had plenty of practice with the previous tries. I ended up using a 6mm hook. This made the stitches a little bigger and looser than what was in the tutorial, but it works. I followed my memory for the most part of making the hat (thank you failures), only consulting the video to know how deep to make the hat.

I must have a bigger head than Crochet Zombie. I made the hat as deep as she did, but it just covered the tips of my ears. Normally I like my hats to come to the bottom of my ears, so I added another row of half double crochets and did a finishing row of single crochets to end it.

I might actually keep and wear this one. Before I wear this hat, I would soak it in cold salt water so the dark color doesn’t fade or bleed and then wash it with like colors.

In Case you missed the Links:

Crochet Zombie’s Youtube channel:

Swirl Beanie Tutorial:

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3 thoughts on “Mr. Bear’s new hat

  1. I completely understand the frustration of having to take out your work. I just had to undo 20 rows of the sweater I’m working on. Also if you ever need a hook you don’t have, I have a ton and you’re welcome to borrow whichever ones you need.

    • I think perhaps, that many crafters know that frustration, if their medium allows for easy redo’s. That frustration could be worse if those redo’s were unavailable. Thank you for your offer to use your extra hooks. I’ll keep you in mind.

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