Blue Exorcist, Ao no Ekusoshisuto

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This is one of my all-time favorite anime. If I ever need something a little different this is the one that I go to. In English it is called “Blue Exorcist” but in Japanese it is “Ao no Ekusoshisuto.” This anime follows the main character and his twin brother as they attend an Exorcist cram school and take down demons of all types that are out to get them. Sounds normal up to that point. What makes this anime fun is that these boy are not just your average students, they are the sons of Satan. Yes I said Satan and please don’t let that deter you from at least watching the first two episodes or reading the first few chapters.

Shall we meet the characters?

Rin is the older brother and the inheritor of the blue flames of Satan. For the past 14 years of his life he has been living a normal human life. As normal as it can be when you are constantly getting into fights, unable to hold a job and have no interest in school. Things start to get turned around when he starts seeing demons and is targeted by an upper demon is his true identity is revealed. As a child his blue flames were sealed in to the demon sword Kurikara by Mephisto Pheles at the request of Shiro Fujimoto, his foster father. After learning his true identity Rin decides to become an exorcist to someday defeat Satan. A bold and risky move for sure, seeing how if any one finds out that he’s the son of Satan they will kill him on the spot. When his demon side is released from the sword the amount of flames he can control increases greatly and his teeth, ears and eyes take on a more animal appearance. For all his tough guy appearance he tries really hard to make friends and keep them after his secret is exposed. He is just like any other teen, just a little over powered.

Yukio is the younger but more mature brother. Unlike Rin, he did not inherit the blue flames of their father. His body was too weak to handle the flames so, Yukio is full human. This doesn’t stop him from being a strong person though. Yukio has been studying to be an exorcist since he was seven years old. He is now an instructor at the cram school and has two classifications in class, Dragoon and Doctor. It’s interesting to watch him interact with his brother. I would almost call their relationship more of a father-son than brothers. This is something that changes slowly over the anime and gets a more in depth look in the manga, but there are bonding moments for the brothers that are worth watching.

ok the two main characters are established, how about those who also come along for the ride? In the class that Yukio teaches there are other characters all trying to become exorcist alongside Rin.

The first is nick named Bon. Bon is a hot tempered individual who looks like the delinquent type, but out of all the male students in the class he is easily the smartest. Like Rin Bon’s goal is to someday defeat Satan, take revenge for the Blue Night and rebuild his hometowns temple. The manga does a better job of show Bon’s passion when it comes to his goal and even takes you on a trip to Bon’s hometown for a pretty major showdown.

Following behind Bon is the timid but brilliant Konekomaru. He is the shortest student in the class but he has the knack for coming up with battle strategies that will work for any situation. He is very loyal to Bon and Shima having grown up with them in the same temple. He is working to be an Aria type exorcist, which exorcists demons be chanting their killing verse from the bible. After Rin’s secret is out Konekomaru is one of the last people to place his faith back in Rin.

Shima is the third musketeer in this group. He is the typical laid back Buddhist monk who has a thing for the ladies, not that he has any luck with them. His main weapon is a staff and hasn’t chosen a type of Exorcist to devote his studies to. The anime doesn’t touch much on Shima, which is sad because in the Manga he had a larger part in the second half. I shan’t say anything more on that.

Don’t think that this is only for the men. There are also three girl students that round out the class. If Bon is the smartest boy then Izumo is the smartest girl, and she knows it. To start she is cold to everyone, except her friend Paku, but after a while she does warm up to the boys and Shiemi. Her pride doses get in the way sometimes, but after the secret is out about Rin she is the first of his classmates to accept him. Her reason for becoming an exorcist is unclear in the anime but the manga I think will touch more on this in the future. She has one of the rare talents to be a tamer, which is someone who can summon Demon familiars and use them in battle. She can summon two Kitsune to fight by her side.

Shiemi is the daughter of a shop owner where the exorcists go to get their supplies to fight against demons. She loves gardening and is a kind caring person but has a major lack of confidence. After a demon had been leeching life off of her decides to become an exorcist. At first she only talks to Yukio and Rin but after the Exwire test she becomes good friends with the rest of her classmates. Shiemi also has the skills to be a tamer, summoning a baby greenman spirit that can produce herbs and plant like defenses out on the field.

I did say that there was another girl in the class but if you’ll also remember that there are only 5 students in the class. Paku was mentioned earlier when I was talking about Izumo. She is Izumo’s friend who followed her to the cram school. These two have been friends ever since grade school. But after the Exwire exam she told Izumo that she didn’t think she was cut out to be an exorcist and went back to being the average student.

That’s it for the students and please that this is just about them, well it is, but there are adults with them the whole way. Mephisto is the chairman of the school where the anime/manga takes place. I’m not sure what to make of him personal, but he is for sure a colorful character even is his motivations are questionable.

Shiro was Rin and Yukio’s father growing up and also the top Exorcist called the Palidin. He was qualified as a knight, Dragoon, doctor, Aria and Tamer; needless to say this man could do it all. Even though he has minimum screen time the impact that he has on Rin and Yukio is immense. I cried along with the brothers when…. spoiler so I shan’t say anymore on that.

Shura is a student of Shiro who was charged with looking after the twins. For the first half of the anime she is undercover but is reviled during a mission and afterword’s becomes a teacher of Rin. Shure is an interesting character who doesn’t get a lot of time for her back story. The anime alludes to it, but you can understand the character well enough without it.

Where can I watch this?

Personally I used Hulu to watch this:       

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I used a manga reader app on my phone but, try this:


Pictures taken from Screen shots of Blue Exorcist episodes

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