Weekly review two

Things to consider

How well do you feel you completed the requirements of the week’s assignments? 

I feel like I did an ok job… The big assignment from Rettberg chapters 1 and 2 I got done. however the number of “fun” post I did dropped dramatically from last week.

What gave you trouble? How did you work your way through that What did you enjoy most? What did you learn? What else did you learn?

Nothing really gave me trouble this week. I did however learn how to delay the publishing of a post and how to embed a video from Youtube right to my page instead of just the link.

What would you do differently? What questions do you have?

If doing this past week over was an option I would probably try to post more on a daily basis.

Questions I have:

Am I using tags in a way that are effective?

Once when I was dinking around I was able to find a map of those who had checked out my blog, how do I find that again?

How many “fun” post should we have in a week?

My Posts for this review

2/3 Where do you plan to go?

2/2 wait, you’re doing what?

2/2 What is a Blog

2/1 Something to watch: Ghost Hunt

1/31 The fun never ends

1/29 Fn Prt sc is my friend

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4 thoughts on “Weekly review two

  1. jvonohlen

    I believe the map you are speaking of can be found by going to the ‘homepage’ of your dashboard, and I see my Stats tab on the right, second one down. When I click on that and scroll, I get the map with how many views I’ve had per country.

    From what I can tell the tags you’re using are fine. If you’re worried about them, try to get specific (though not lengthy).

    I honestly don’t know about the fun posts question. I usually try to blog everyday (though it can really be a challenge). Anyone else have any idea? If you’re trying to come up with topics, I am trying to get into the habit of creating a list of topics I want to cover (typically three days in advance). Hope this helps a little. Happy Blogging!

    • Hmm… This map is still eluding me. the search will continues. Guess all the fluff and fun posts are only if we want to do them. Bring on the next week!

  2. As far as tagging goes, I looked over how you’ve tagged other posts and I believe it to be effective. I’ve always tried to pick out a few words that sum up the content of my posts, though I’ve seen others who are much more eloquent (?) in their tagging. Some people on Tumblr will use the tags to expand on the content, but I think in general it’s better to use them to make topics easy to find.

    • Thanks ecofriendlyfreak for the comment. I like hearing how you’ve seen others use tags and how you yourself use them. I ‘m going to have to check out tumbler and see how its done there.

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