Fn Prt sc is my friend

Hi, I know its been a day or so since my last post, I apologize for that. If anyone ever said that being a Senior in College was easy should be kicked. Granted I’m only taking 15 credits and will be going out of the country to study in Wycliffe England, but still a lot of time is eaten due to homework.

I have been working on getting pictures for one of my earlier posts: “Something to watch: Aquarion,” and as the title of this post says Function Print screen is my friend. Most of my pictures I take myself, Like the ones you see in “ Pikachu in a Poncho“, “Mr Bear wears hats“, “Beowulf Scarf” and “The mutural Dislike technology has for me.” How ever as i get more into anime reviews I have to get creative with the pictures. As I see it I can do one of two things. I could either scorer the internet looking for pictures that someone else took, which I would then have to link back to individually. Or I can do my own leg work.

Option two hands down. If what I’m doing is… for lack of a better word “wrong” some one tell me and I’ll amend my ways. But as far as I know catching screen pictures, cropping them, posting and then pointing to the website that showed the footage is ok. By doing this I can get the shots I’m looking for that fit my plans for them.

A tech lesson for you: Say to are watching something on your computer and you want to capture it. On a windows computer if you hold down the [fn] button and press [prt sc] you will take a picture of whats on the screen. If you are on a Mac its the same idea but you hit the command button, with the same  effect. Once you take the picture it will be temporarily saved to the clipboard on your computer. From there you can past it into a word document, tinker with it, then copy it again using [fn] [prt sc] to paint, crop it then post.

There that’s what I do, I’ve confessed.

Either way, that button combo is my friend- deal with it 😉

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