Mr. Bear wears hats

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Over this past Christmas break I learned to crochet three different types of hats. I had heard that my aunt who knits had learned to make some and I had hope that she would teach me, but a family chili cook off got in the way. Thank goodness for Youtube. Youtube is good for two reasons:

  1. I can’t read a crochet or knitting pattern to save my live. I work better when I can see it being done and can mimic what I see.
  2. If I ever need more ideas that I have yarn to make them, Youtube it the perfect muse.

The first hat I attempted to make was a simple Easy Beanie. The woman who did the tutorial walked me through step by step with easy to see and follow instructions. Let me just say that tutorial videos that have the person talking you though the steps make for a better learning experience for the viewer.

The second hat was a Granny Square hat. Bobwilson123 is an excellent creative crocheter that I now go to for a lot of ideas for my own projects. The thing that I like about her videos is that if she makes a mistake in the tutorial you’re watching she will actually show you how to fix the mistake without completely pulling out your work.

The third hat I didn’t have for Mr. Bear to model, but it is called the Brick Stitch hat and was also another hat I learned to make from Bobwilson123. Mom loved this one and has it at home with her. This was a simple hat to make once you got used to the pattern. Another cool thing about this hat is that the pattern can be for a hat or it can be modified into a bag. So say you made the hat too big for a person’s head you can just turn it into a bag and save the project.

Thank you Mr. Bear for modeling the hats.

In case you missed the links: 

Easy Beanie

Bobwilson123’s Youtube channel:

Granny Square hat

Brick Stitch hat

Brick Stitch bag

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