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Battles that decide that fate of the world, Harvest beasts appearing from the sky abducting humans to harvest their energy, A group of teenagers battling the harvest beasts with shape changing vectors and “elemental” abilities, and a love story 24,000 years old. This is just part of the plot that takes place in the Anime Genesis of Aquarion and it’s second season Aquarion Evol.

12,000 years before the setting of Aquarion a battle was being fought by humanity against the Dark angels. The Dark angels were harvesting humans to feed the “Tree of Life” to keep their world alive. During the war a Dark angel, named Apollonius fell in love with a human warrior called Celiane. Because of his love for Celiane the Dark angel Toma felt Apollonius had betrayed their kind, for this he cut off his friend’s wings.  Apollonius joined the sides of the humans and helped them win their war by giving them “Solar Wing” or the machine called Aquarion. for reason unexplained Apollonius leaves Celiane, but promises he will see her again in 12,00 years.

The setting of the first season, again, takes place 12,00 years after Apollonius says goodbye. The world is once again under the threat of the Dark angels and is waiting for the power of the “Solar Wing” to save them. Teenagers that posses elemental powers are trained by a groups called DEAVA to pilot the three vectors that make up Aquarion. This is the starting domino that brings the characters together.

Characters from Genesis:

Apollo: the red headed protagonist is an orphan living on the streets with a small group of other orphans. His mannerisms are beast-like and rough, which get him into trouble on occasion with the rest of the DEAVA Elements. A harvest beast attacks him and his orphan friends introducing Apollo to Aquarion. After DEAVA realizes that this street boy can pilot Aquerion without any training they recruit him to their fight. Apollo’s main goal in joining up is so that he can rescue his friends. Apollo is also believed to be the reincarnation of Apollonius.

Baron: he is a character that doesn’t get a lot of screen time but is still important. Baron is the unofficial leader of the orphan group and the person who gave Apollo his name.

Gen Fudou: DEAVA’s supreme commander. He is comparable to the crazy wise uncle that no one gets what he’s saying until just the right moment saving the day.

Glen: On the day Apollo was being investigated by Silvia and Pierre and the Harvest attacked, Glen was piloting a vector the came to the rescue. During the battle he was injured and falls into a coma. His friends Sirius and Lihua are deeply effected by his accident. Although he isn’t seen much in the anime, he does help out in the final battle to decide the fate of the world.

Jean-Jerome Jorge: DEAVA’s second in command that gave the orders until Gen Fudou returned. He’s everything Fudou is not, He’s more of the worry wart old woman who screeches and pulls out her hair when things get rough. Despite this he would love nothing more than to see the Dark Angels defeated and humanity safe once more.

Jun: An Otaku after my own heart. His talents lay computers and machines making him a decent partner for Tsugumi.

Kurt and Chloe: Fraternal twins  with the power to communicate telepathically. These two spend most of the battles monitoring from the control room. There are some hints that Chole has a thing for Pierre even if the twin don’t interact much with the others.

Lihua: A sweet sensitive girl who believes she is cursed to cause misfortune to those close to her, because of this she tried to avoid people. As the anime progresses she learns to turn her curse into a powerful attack to save her friends when they are in danger.

Pierre: is a soccer playing ladies man from San Jose. He was Silvia’s partner on the mission to find the “Solar Wing” the day they meet Apollo. 

Rena: The book keeper in Genesis of Aquarion. Rena is an odd character, she is blind but can read from the “Book of Holy Genesis” and people’s auras, bound to a wheelchair and sedative to light. Most of the other teenagers are intimidated by her; all except Apollo.

Silvia: She is a decedent from the Nobel Alisia family and the anime’s main female protagonist. she can be a bit of a hand full when she has her mind set on something. Silvia was sent on a mission to investigate a city for traces of “Solar Wing” with her partner and instead finds Apollo. To her he seems rude and untamed, and is not any fan of his. What makes her situation interesting with Apollo is the fact that she is the reincarnation of Celiane and hates the idea that she will come to love Apollo.

Sirius: Is Silvia’s older brother and the yin to Apollo’s yang in means of manners. He is polished, princely and recites poetry before going into battle. In the beginning many, including his sister, believed him to be the reincarnation of the “Solar Wing”. sadly as it be come more and more clear that Apollo is the “Solar Wing” and not Sirius he becomes bitter.

Sophia Belin: A female teacher, doctor, scientist at DEAVA and almost mother (almost) figure to the teens.

Tsugumi: She’s not a major pilot of the vectors, but can fly with the best. At first she is shy and prefers tinkering with engines than talking to people. this all changes as she becomes friends with the other teens, Liua in particular encourages her to come out of her shell.

Normally I would cover the antagonists as well as the protagonists, but in this case I’m going to leave out the Dark Angels. There are nine of them all together although you really only get to know three of them really well. I can’t spoil everything about this anime, so I’ll let you meet the face of humanities enemy for yourself.



Aquarion Evol

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Jump forward 12,000 years after the first season and you have the world as it appears in Aquarion Evol. The Dark Angels were defeated and the events of the first season have descended into legend and movies of the second season. This time it is things called Abductors that are the enemy of humanity, they come from a different dimension, take humans for an unknown reason. Fighting against the Abductors is Neo-DEAVA, doing the same job its predecessor did 12,00 years ago; training teens to pilot the vector the make Aquarion. Except this time Neo-DEAVA is divided into a boys and girls side and they are not allowed to pilot the vectors with members of the opposite sex. This all changes when two civilians hijack a vector during a battle and turn this new world upside down.

Amata: Is one of the “civilian hijackers” that piloted Aquarion the day the abductors attacked. Until that day he worked at a movie theater, minding his own business, but when a girl sticks around after the showing of a movie and he strikes up a conversation things get crazy. The secret he had been hiding all his life gets noticed and he is enrolled in the NEO-DEAVA school for the pilots of Aquarion.

Andy: The digger of holes. Holes are his life his life. During the time the sexes were separated at Neo-DEAVA he would spend many nights digging holes to the other side. 

Cayenne: Mikono’s older military strict brother. He is able to see bad events that may or may not happen in the future. he has had a reoccurring vision that there would be a wedding in mourning clothes; his sister is the bride. For this reason he would rather have his sister anywhere then at Ne0-DEAVA.

Crea Dolosera: The childlike Chairwoman of Neo-DEAVA.

Donar Dantes: The male instructor of the boys at Neo-DEAVA. Nine years ago he was part of an accident involving Aquarion that caused him to loose both his arms and the school to decide to divide the boys and the girls to insure that the accident never happened again.

Jin: Jin transferred in to Neo-DEAVA to originally gain information for the Abductors. However he finds a friend in Yunoha and digging brothers in Andy and Amata. He is the last born son of the Abductors.

Malloy: A male student at Neo-DEAVA. He claims to be from the south so he loves the heat but cant take a chill in the air.

Mikono: Is the daughter of a the famous Suzushiro family, which has always produced  strong Elemental. The only problem, is that she doesn’t have a special skill that would make her a Neo-DEAVA student. When she is saved by Amata during the abductor attack she is dragged into the world of Neo-DEAVA, much to the dismay of her brother. Slowly she finds that Amata is growing on her but she finds herself attracted to the dangerous Kagura.

Mix: The redhead stickler for the rules. Because of issues with her father she hates hole, which makes her the perfect foil for Andy; and like they say opposites attract. She also is very conservative which leads her to butt heads with Zessica over her choice of clothing.

Sazanka: one of the female girl Neo-DEAVA. She is one of Shrade and Cayenne’s biggest admirers.

Shrade: Because of his weak body he isn’t send out to fight the Abductors, much. He is Neo-DEAVA’s Ace in the hole with his ability to control peoples emotions through his music. Shrade seeks for the perfect melody which for him can only be heard when he’s piloting Aquarion.

Suomi Konepi: The female instructor for the girls at Neo-DEAVA. She dresses as a nun. There are some dropped hints that she was also a past student of DEAVA. This is odd seeing how she didn’t know the reason for the boys and girls separation until she did some digging.

Yunoha: She is the youngest student at Neo-DEAVA. For the first part all you can see of her is her stuffed “cat” doll, but after scaring her fellow students, on accident, and going into battle for the first time she starts to show herself more often. Yunoha is shy and soft spoken but she uses that to approach Jin when he transfers in and helps him to feel more at home.

Zen Fudou: The High Commander of Neo-DEAVA. Like the Fudou 12,00 years ago, this man is the wise crazy uncle to the students.

Zessica: A skimpy  competitor for Amata’s affections. She is more forward in her actions to Amata than Mikono, making a very interesting triangle. Too bad love is forbidden in Neo-DEAVA.

That was one side of the battlefield, shall I introduce the other? The planet of Altair is a dying world where only men can survive. To save their planet they abduct the women of Vega.

Izumo: The commander of the efforts to save Altair

Kagura: The angry animistic underling of Izumo that will not listen to orders. It is Kagura that Cayenne sees in his dream about the wedding in mourning clothes.

Mykage: A face that will look familiar to those who have seen Genesis of Aquarion. His goal is much the same as before. That’s all I’m going to say on that.

Ok, that’s more than enough from me. Go watch it, ‘cus I’m sure I didn’t do it justice.

Pictures taken from Screen shots of Aquarion and Aquarion Evol Episodes watched on

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