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I wanted to share some of my writings that have found a home in an online Literary Magazine. Last semester I had the pleasure of taking an Internship course at my college that allowed me to work on this Magazine. It’s called Cre8 which is maintained by the students and overseen by the teacher. They publish works from students that attend Bemidji State University, people in the community and works from people who have a connection to Northern Minnesota.

Cre8 has categories for the three basics: FictionNonfiction, and  Poetry. They also have Photo EssaysFlash Nonfiction, which are short pieces with a maximum of 500 words, InkAsk, where the editors reach out to their readers, Graphics (Graphic Narratives). With the spring semester just kicking off things new literary works will soon be published to the cite. Last semester they were publishing about two- three works a week.

But I said that I wanted to share some of my things. One because I kinda what to show off and two because, hopefully, if you read some of my things you’ll want to check out what else Cre8 has to offer.

My first piece is a Flash Nonfiction called Liter. It is Combined with three of my classmates Flash pieces under the title 24 Hour Pie.  You can view what my classmates have also published by clicking on their names here: Ryan HeilmanJennifer Von OhlenShannon McDonald, or from the Cre8 page you can select their names from all contributors to Cer8 in a list to the right of the Cre8 webpage.

My second piece is called Red Pride. It reads like a sarcastic textbook, but that’s my style, as you’ve probably come to see.

Happy reading at Cre8: where are art happens every day.

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One thought on “published online

  1. I am interning there now. I’ve been reading works from others, and have read yours before. I love reading what others write. I hope this helps spread the word about Cre8!

    Also… I had a piece published there last semester, as well. You can read it here:

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