Taking quizzes when I should be productive

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day everyone. There are no classes today at my college so this leads to two things (ok, three things):

  1.  I get to sleep in!
  2. It’s catch up day. we’re talking homework and…household chores   (>.<)
  3. A  pause to think of the man who help break segregation in America.

I did sorta sleep in: my alarm still went off at its normal time, but I turned it off and just rolled over for another two hours. I got my summary done for a class that was due today and posted to the discussion board. I even commented on some of my classmates’ posts. I never know what to write on those.

Now, I did do all that I said, but I did take a couple “study breaks” between things. You just have to check Facebook for the 3rd time in 30 minutes to see if anything has changed. While I was scrolling along I saw a post by one of my best friends saying that she had taken a quiz about what Disney Princess she was. My friend had gotten Snow White. Normally I just read what other people get, but this time I decided I was going to take this quiz and find out what (or who) I would be.

I got Mulan! Can’t tell you how happy I was to get a “tomboy, warrior, I can do just as well if not better than a man” princess.  As I was reading what they had to say about my results I happened to look over to the left of the screne and saw what other quizzes Zimbio.com had to offer. There was one for Harry Potter character, one for Anchorman, one for Grey’s Anatomy,one for Star Wars, and finally the Disney Princesses.

I took the “Which Star Wars Character are you?” quiz and got Obi-Wan Kenobi. Woohoo! I am the crazy old man who lives in the desert secretly watching over the male ofspring of my best friend and pupil that is now the right hand of evil in the Galexy! I would have been happy with anything so long as it wasn’t Jar-jar Binks or Anakin. Most Jedi-Junkies might agree with me…

I think I’ve had enough fun for a little bit, I should get back to the work load my loving teachers gave me as a weekend gift.

Until next time “Wish upon a star and may the Force be with you”

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2 thoughts on “Taking quizzes when I should be productive

  1. I, too, waste an extraordinary amount of time on these stupid quizzes. I am an elf, should be living in Portland, belong in Ravenclaw (should I ever find myself at Hogwarts), and have an ENFP personality type. That is just the last couple of weeks. I believe at one point I even knew what kind of a Muppet I was. Pure procrastination. (Fun, though)

  2. Lol took the quiz just now, during our lovely class time! Luke Skywalker!! Woot!

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