The mutual dislike technology has for me.

mad phoneAlright, I’ll admit that I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world. But how hard is it to get an I phone to send an email to a teacher? It shouldn’t be that hard. Simply open the Email app on the phone, choose the receiver, fill out the subject line, type the message and send it off; that should be it. Guess my phone wanted a vacation today. No matter, the email has been sent (hopefully one of them got through and the teacher isn’t sitting with three copies of the same message in their inbox). At this point all I can say is ¬†sometimes it’s better to drag out the dinosaur of a laptop to send an Email, than to trust the fate of your grade to an I phone that thinks it can have the day off.

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4 thoughts on “The mutual dislike technology has for me.

  1. M C Morgan

    It came thorough in the end. Your on the Contributors list.

  2. I just use my desktop computer, and I can navigate that pretty well. I’m internet savvy, but I am not very tech-savvy when it comes to using something I’m unfamiliar with. Like, I have no idea how to navigate a Mac… For me, it’s like being on another planet. Glad your email did go through.

  3. craigsorby

    I would still be banging on a hollow log to get my messages out if it were not for my wife’s advanced technological aptitude and her desire to drag me into the 21st century. Bless her heart!

  4. Halie Westphal

    It seems like whenever you really need to use technology it finds some way to be uncooperative.

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